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Found 11 results

  1. Hi- I'm manipulating objects in a sim with a sop solver, based on their dop object names. The simple case is to say, turn on or off the @active attrib in a bullet sim base on the object name. Right now I'm adding a string attrib with the name to the packed primitives on the SOP side, before they get made into an RBD packed object and checking that name the sop solver in the sim, using a point wrangle to make changes, etc. It occurs to me though that OBJID is and the object name are both available but I can't figure out how to read them while in the sop solver. I know I can use a function like dopoptions to get the name but that requires me to have the OBJID of the dop oject that the sop solver is working on and I can't figure out how to get that in the sop solver itself. In short, what node/expression will get me access to the object's name or id in the sop solver inside a dop sim? Thanks
  2. Hi! Just want to share my last work, a magic reconstruction of a world globe. It contains DOP sop solver, smoke by color, advection by smoke and fog, basically. Hope you like it. Pol https://vimeo.com/207149300 Job searching as vfx generalist. https://vimeo.com/polvilla particles.mov
  3. Sopsolver-timestep

    hi I was trying to use Sopsolver expression to output the previous timestep, but i am not getting the result. this is the expression i use inside sopnetwork using object merge node. stamps("../OUT", "DATAPATH", "../../.:agents/Geometry") flocking_system.hipnc
  4. Hey everyone! I am trying to create a hailstorm effect with raining huge blocks of ice (hail). I set up a simple simulation where there is a grid and each frame a random point is selected and a hail is copied onto it, then with a sop solver it gets merged in. It all works, but after a few pieces, the simulation slows down drastically. They are packed and the DOP uses autofreeze, but still it's slow... Please somebody with experience look at it and tell me why? Thanks! Jegeso_001.hip
  5. Hi, everyone. I have a pop, there is something not working right. I take a sopsolver in new pop, initial a "s" attribute to 1, and then jump in sopsolver created a pointwrangle with f@s +=1; But it just increase once, then not increase at all. I just begin study the pop. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. pop_sopsolver.hip
  6. Hi everyone, I am having some hard time understanding the sopsolver especially when it comes to colliding two rbd objects. I already read through a couple of forum post and looked at the respective example files - even the included Houdini one (Torus and Particles) However, when trying to change the collision object to a simple RBD object the whole system stops working. I have no idea why and I am desperate to try to understand whats going wrong. I tried dozends of variations, I checked the detail view to see if impact data are recorded, but nothing worked. I'll upload a test object which is basically the demo from Sidefx but with some alteratoin to try it out how to use rbd impacts. Hopefully someone can explain to me how to do this. Cheers and thanks Lud SopSolver_Issue.hipnc
  7. Sopsolver Gotcha

    hello fellas i was hoping someone here can give me a hand, or maybe a just help, using sopsolver with solid solver. you see when i append the them both in a multisolver, i get a free simulation behavior just by adding a sopsolver. without the sopsolver it would just drop flat on the ground.. ps: im following the FEM masterclass, but sadly they didnt include the denting example file. please help sop solver gotcha.hipnc
  8. I confused is it a right way to describe this question. I have some spheres turn to RBD object .When it falls down, the sphere will come to smaller. It is simple to do this use sop Solver. But the sphere transform smaller all the same as each other. If i want to do a unequal transform, how to ? Is it possible to do this stuff use 'stamp' expression function in sop solver. such as `stamps("../dop", "OBJID", 1)` I have try this, but failed. And is it a way to do the RBD packed object scale by sop solver. It seems i can not dop import the packed object each. Any help will be appreciation. Thanks! sopSolver_stamp.hip
  9. Shredding cloth

    I'm trying to tear cloth that snags on hooks by deleting the "snagged" points. In the attached hip file, I've set up a simple cloth object constrained at 2 points and being blown into a box object. In DOPS, I added a SopSolver that references a SopNet. In it, I objectMerge in the box object from SOPs, attach a delete node and that's it. The SopSolver and the clothsolver get atached to a multisolver.The problem is that when I turn on the SopSolver, the cloth object disappears. I think this is b/c the SopSolver is grabbing the P data for the cloth but don't know how to prevent this. I'm have worked in DOPs a little but not with the mulitsolver and SopSolver. Thanks, Kevin cloth.hipnc
  10. Hi Guys If anyone could help i would really appreciate it. For some reason on initial impact the sop solver doesn't dent the geometry even though it it shows it in impact data. The geometry dents no problem the second, third etc just not the first. Attached is a simple version of what I'm working on. Thanks for looking at my post sop_solver.hipnc
  11. Hi, In dops we're trying to activate rbds over time by using a multisolver setup and in the sopsolver by reading custom attributes off external points. But it seems that the sopsolver is not evaluating the objectmerged points over time so the active custom attribute used to drive the activation of the rbds is never triggered. I'm currently using a workaround that is to bake the active attributes directly on the input geometries and then forcing deforming rbds. But it's not as elegant. I've prepared a very small test example, dopnet1 is the non-working setup (rbds stay passive). Could anybody take a look at see what we're doing wrong ? I'd be very curious to see what needs to be changed for this setup to work correctly :-) Thanks for taking a look Houdini used is 12.1.179 L dop_sopsolver_not_evaluating.hip