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  1. Hi,everyone! I'm working on a ground explosion test and come across a few problems: the first few frames is important to me, I want to emphasize the expanding effect, so besides adding divergence, I also set keys on the fuel sourcing geometry‘s scale, but that seems to blur out the fire into a hot mess. How can I get more details in the expanding fire? Also, I add some custom vel into the sim, making it blow up in scattered directions, the side effect is: instead of forming a big mushroom cloud, it generate small mushroom caps as shown in the following preview. I have also tried using particle system to drive the sim, it also easily end up with these mushroom caps... How can I get rid of that? These problems are driving me crazy, if you have any advice, please help me, thank you very much!!! preview2.mov
  2. Hey everyone! Finally finished my newest personal Houdini project and thought it was time to post it places! This was probably my most render time heavy project so far but happy with how it turned out
  3. Dear Forumers, I thought my .hip was not necessary as there maybe an easy answer here I am missing. I have a pyro sim that seems to be cropped by the bake volume node. Why? This happens even when it is dense. I am thinking it's the bake node because if I display flag the pyro before it, I see the whole bounds (uncropped) and if I flag the bake then I see the cropping bound size that renders. Weirdly, and maybe showing it's NOT the bake node, if I bypass the bake and go to a material node with a karma pyro mat assigned to it, the cropping still renders! Anyway I am confused, although I bet there's a simple explanation. Thanks, Nick
  4. Want to have multiple explosions in your shot? Let's populate them! Why go through the trouble of simulating each Fx when we can just populate a scene with a few! The Populate Toolset is a comprehensive HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) Toolkit designed for intricate control to populate a scene with various caches. The OTL uses a bundle system, so we can switch between a low-resolution proxy cache and a high-resolution render cache anytime. This makes it easy for artists to preview shots, layout simulations and art direct timing as per their needs. How does this Setup Help? Easy Layout: Create quick and easy layouts and previews for your shots without using high config machines and dealing with the laggy viewport. Quick Controls: Get quick controls to art direct your simulation like adjusting scales, rotation and timing. Randomizer: An easy randomizer to get started with. Override Tool: When you need small adjustments just use the override tool to fix it! Gizmos: Gets user friendly preview gizmos that help artists preview scales and placements of cache. Used on Beautiful Hunan: Flight of The Pheonix & Halo (Mini TV Series) Get the HDA and Files on Gumroad: https://chakshuvfx.gumroad.com/l/art-direct-instances
  5. 5DNick

    Pilot light sim

    Dear OD Forcers, I am attempting to make a pilot light for a kind of flamethrower for a shot I am doing. Upon Googling, someone said don't use Pyro, do it all in SOPS: but I went ahead and managed to get, I dunno(?), a half decent sim [there are other reasons I want a sim but that's another matter]. I want to render everything in XPU in Karma and looking at blowtorches for reference I see that what I need (am missing) is the kind of bright, variously coloured cones at the beginning of the flame. I am imagining I can get this with banded ramps in the fire part of the pyro shaders. However I am struggling. Any advice or tips? Also the XPU pyro preview node seems to not have a ramp in the fire part. Do I have to crack it open to fix this? Because I cannot see how. My .hip is attached. Thanks in advance for any help. Nick DRONEPYRO_v015.hiplc
  6. Houdini FFX Collection Get it here: Gumroad: https://davidtorno.gumroad.com/l/ffxcollection FFX Collection is a collection of scene builds and techniques for the intermediate users of Houdini. Those looking for quick setups, wanting to get more familiar with VEX use cases, and wanting to get started in Karma and Material X. This collection of “presets” as it were showcases a variety of topics within Houdini. Builds include FLIP, RBD, Vellum, POP, Pyro Solver, SOPs, LOPs, TOPs, Karma, and Material X. All renders use 100% fully procedurally generated textures created with Material X noises. The only exceptions are the test geometry textures which are directly read from their HDA embeded jpg textures. The HDA is a simple drop down list of all fifty builds, of which you choose the one you want and click “Build It” to have the tool generate the entire build for you. By default there is Network box organization to help understand the flow and processes that are occuring. Additionally there are annotated tips, and helpful explainer sticky notes to help inform an techniques used. These annotations are also optional and can be turned off before building the network. For those wanting to dive straight into everything there is to offer, there is a “Build All” button to create all 50 builds. This option will have each build turned off by default, so as to not overload your machine with too many items trying to cook. All builds involve various techniques and useful information. Each “category” is defined by the primary method used for the solution used. Be that by SOP nodes directly, VEX code, VOPs network, or even by simulation type like Vellum, Flip, RBD, or Pyro. Vellum does have a few builds under the VEX category as well. Builds include: FLIP Attraction To Curve Shape FLIP Fill Solid Object FLIP Melt Object FLIP Object Surface Advoidance ForEach Incriment Point Count Per Curve ForEach Poly Reduce Pieces By Volume Attrib ForEach Stacking Random Cubes PyroSolver Geometry Ripples PyroSolver Pyro Color Change Over Time PyroSolver Pyro Color From Texture RBD Activate Pieces RBD Apply Proxy Sim To HiRes Source RBD Attraction To Curve Shape RBD SOP Emit Every X Frames RBD V W Constrained Axis SOPs 8Bit SOPs Cull Random Curve Segments SOPs Dissolve Curve SOPs Dissolve Geo SOPs Echo Curve SOPs Post Shrink RBD Pieces Over Time SOPs Stone Path Vellum Animate Restscale Via Attrib Vellum Basic Fluid Cloth Two Way Coupling Vellum Cloth Flows Along Curve Vellum Define Cloth Ripping Vellum Flag In Wind Vellum Inject Geo Over Time Vellum Paper Whirlwind Vellum Spheres Expanding In Box VEX Blend Mask VEX Cull Back Faces VEX Custom Guides For Vellum Hairs VEX Falloff Radius Around Curve VEX Geo Look At Target VEX Geometry Ripples VEX Guided Infection VEX Per Poly Transform Via Particle Proximity VEX Per Prim Rotation Around Edge VEX Repeat Ramp Values VEX Ring Waves With Falloff VEX Rotating Grid Tiles VEX Sin Cos VEX Sliding Points Along Curve VEX Vellum Dangling Cables VEX Vellum Sim Forces From SOPs VEX Vellum Source Emission Instancing VEX Voronoi Fracture Animated VOP Blend Mask VOP Orientation Along Curve
  7. Hi, I was wondering how to approach this effect since I tried an approach using particles on a flip solver and on top of that adding a pyro simulation to recreate the mist. But I'm having trouble to achive the "cone" look (attached image) since it keeps spreading and losing power while the particles travel. Thank you for your time and any idea is welcome!
  8. Hi guys! Can somebody point me which are a the steps to guide the heightfields with pyro like in this example: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cwxgh43N7GG/?img_index=5 Is there anyway to advect heightfields with pyro or they're just using the pyro sim as a mask and the shapes are just an animated noise. Thanks in advance!
  9. i want to break the smooth, mashroom like shape off, when the mashroom shape get rough enough, stop break. my solution is to add a Gasdisturb to simulation, to get rid of the mashroom like shape, and the strength of Gasdisturb decays with temperature. But there's a problem: when Gas disturb is not controled by temperature field,the strength off Gas distrub is decay from blank area to the area which density is 0.05,as the picture 1 When Gas disturb is controled by temperature field, distribution of strength is as picture2 i think it is because The outermost layer of the smoke, that is, the junction of the smoke and the vacuum area, has a low-temperature area.As a result, when the temperature is used as the control field of gas disturbance, the outermost layer of smoke is very little affected by the disturbance, so that the mushroom head cannot be broken. test.hip
  10. Hello guys I'm using the shelf tool bonfire. As I'm said on tittle, the pyro volume bake doesn't write the Alpha. I'm build the whole look dev shader using this node. And cannot figure out how to have that. Please help me. pyro_alpha.hipnc
  11. Hi guys, In a Pyro simulation, I would like to retrieve the gradient of a field like "density", and then apply the velocity to a range of it (for example where density is 0.2). I tried to use the gradient mode of the "Gas Analysis" DOP, without success I would appreciate any idea... Thanks for helping. Pyro_Gradient.hip
  12. We need to do a similar effect in the project, but I don't know any good way to simulate it. I feel it is difficult to control only by parameter adjustment. This effect needs to be layered inside, from the very small edge at the beginning, to a large number of small tumbling in the back, as well as a larger tumbling form in the back. I wonder if there are some big people who can share some experience or production ideas, I would be grateful reference.mkv
  13. I have a problem of pyro simulation. You can see the noise (artifact) on the source of the flame. I would be happy to look at the project file and correct it! v002.hipnc
  14. Hi! Does anyone have any tips for creating this kind of steam effect? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZYLoVCikqo&ab_channel=VeteransRailroad (around the 0:20second mark) I'm trying to recreate super fast moving, high pressure steam coming out of a pipe about 0.5m in diameter. I've played around with sourcing a noised up density volume, custom vel to break up the shape, disturbance, a little divergence, turbulence and confinement ..etc. I'm using sparse pyro. Not sure if there is anything obvious I'm missing, will try to upload the file when I get home, but it seems like no matter what combination of sourcng and microsolvers I use I can't get past it looking like plumy-smoke as opposed to a fast moving stream with lots of small sharp details. I would really appreciate any tips! Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi.. imagine yourself inside a car the car moving and inside the car you are pouring water inside a cup or maybe holding a candle, even if the car is moving the force of the liquid is locally compared to the car's motion. I have a character moving where I want to emit particles around it but i don't want this particles to be affected by the moving (like wind or backward force), i want the emission to be abstract from the moving of the character.. before in Maya all that we had to do is to make the moving object a parent of the solver where Maya will understand that this force is locally... how can i achieve such thing in houdini..? any tips please?
  16. Hi guys, I would like to get rid of the mushroom effect and add more and more small details to my pyro sim, but I don't know what parameters or fields are responsible for this. I tried "Disturbance", "Turbulence", "Velocity", "Gas Disturb", and "Gas Project nondivergent", ... without success! How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. Pyro.hip
  17. Title is a bit misleading.. I realise Pyro volume simulations don't really have a birth and death point, but what I'm hoping to achieve is to be able to colour or alter the transparency of my fire closer to the base or emission point of the fire. Currently my fire is looking really nice, apart from the base of the fire where it first emits from. I'd like to make this area more transparent. I'm using the Redshift volume shader, but unfortunately cannot post a .hip file due to work non disclosure stuff. I can create a simplified version of the scene if need be.
  18. Hi gang ! I'm stumbling across a weird issue and I'd sure like to get some insights about this. I'm trying to color a smoke simulation (having seen Steven's volume III course). But I'm getting a weird issue that I can't wrap my head around. Basically my color field gets contaminated and the disease spreads on. here is what I mean: I'm using both types of pyro solvers, sparse and classic. This issue happens on both. Here is a screen of my simple scene: If you guys have any idea why this is happening that would be fantastic Cheers color_smoke.hip
  19. Hello folks, Is there a way, to somehow force the particles to move like in the picture I drew? not completely from the beginning of the simulation but after a certain frame?? I would really like to re-create a rocket exhaust effect, when the rocket climbs higher into the atmosphere, then the flame goes outwards because of the thiner atmosphere.. (for example, the Photo below - my reference picture..) I already have the expanding animation done.. I just need now to somehow force the particles to move behind my main simulation.. is this somehow possible to do? I would really appreciate some help!
  20. Hello All , iam trying to create a dragon fire but i have some issue with the pyrosolver 1) Its creating a trails like fire 2)how to bring the shape of the reference that i had added in this post(need some insight) 3)what is blocking in pyro Min substep 4 Max substep 8 Global Substep 1 Dragon_Breathe_Shot_07_v029.hip rebelway_competition_sc007_F994_F1090_dragon_fxflame.abc
  21. Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to create an effect of fire burning under a ceiling, looking something like this: http://footage.framepool.com/en/shot/774901137-explosive-flame-fire-disaster-ceiling-fire-blaze As far as I understand the phenomenon there is a layer of gas floating between the air below and the ceiling above. It gets ignited and starts burning at the interface between air and gas. The flames rising up create this kind of nodule structure by constricting the gas into little pockets. This is the theory but I'm completely stumped on how to create the actual effect. I've tried creating little pockets of fuel but the pyro sim simply burns into them, disregarding the fact that there should be no air that makes combustion possible. Does anyone have some experience with this kind of simulation or at least an idea how to tackle it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance Paul
  22. Hey guys, i messing a few days to achieve an fire spreading through a ceilling. like this reference: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections/ceiling-fire-stock-footage At first i thought that it would be easy, after a few days trying to reach the look, all my attemps were dull. i have no clue how to achieve this smooth/billowy flames behavior. i made an density source like cells. and an velocity field as vel field to "pull" the heat and try to give this blooby chambers. it just gives an messy/noisy result. Does anyone have an clue how approch this effect?? ceiling_flames_v00.hip
  23. Hello, I have been trying to recreate the black hole effect from the film 'Eternals' for a few weeks now for a thesis project I am doing and I am not really getting close. This is the effect in question: Arishem's FInal Judgement The effect happens at 1:17 My approaches was to create some circles with an animation spinning around the circles driven by the curveu attribute and offset by the 'copynum' attribute I got from the copy and transform node. I was driving a smoke sim from this and then I used the curveu as a temperature attribute to drive some scattering in the pyro shader. However this approach has not really gotten me close. I realise its quite a complex effect but any tips on recreating it would be fantastic! Thank you for reading
  24. Hi Everyone, I already posted this on the SideFX technical discussions forum, but I though I would post it here as well. So here goes. I am stuck with one section of my pyro simulation. I am using gas target force microsolver to push my smoke towards my goal field. I have sourced my density and goal with volume source nodes, merged and plugged into the source input of the pyro solver (sparse). My density is going to the density field, and my goal is going to the goal field. I am using a gas match field to create the goal field, prior to sourcing in the goal from my source volumes. The issue is the fluid container for the simulation does not grow large enough to encompass my goal field aswell. I normally would just increase the size of the fluid container manually to encompass all my fields, but there is no such option on the sparse pyro solver, and sparse smoke object. I have also tried using gas resize fluid dynamic, and plugging in my goal and density field into the reference field, but it does not work. I am sure this is quite simple, but I cannot figure out how to get the fluid container to grow to encompass both my density and my goal field. Currently my target force nodes are disabled because they serve no purpose right now. Any help would be really appreciated, thank you. I have attached my hip file with post. Target_Force_Pyro_H18.hipnc
  25. I created an infection solver to imitate the infection of fire spreading that is functional with a popnet as the source of the infection. I did it this way because the pyro spread node does not support pops as a source which is a different problem entirely. Everything works as it should however the infection solver only takes into effect after frame 9 which is strange because the pops should clearly be infecting from the very beginning. For some reason the solver doesn't take into account the beginning frames. Ive used this solver in other projects and has worked fine which leads me to believe it is a bug but if anyone could look over my project file and let me know if they see anything I don't? Thanks so much the file is setup so that you should press play and the problem be evident, the pops are red, wherever the infection is, is white and everything else i.e. the desk and papers should be black. After frame 9-10 the infection will begin although it should begin where ever the pops collide. InfectionSolver.hiplc with geos InfectionSolver.hiplc
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