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Found 21 results

  1. Renderman Mapping

    Hi guys, I'm trying out Renderman and I've been having trouble posting on their forums, so I hope someone with a bit of experience can help me out here. I'm trying to generate texture coordinates from the shader network using a pxrManifold3d node, but I can't seem to be able to give it custom coordinates and "object" coordinates appear to be stretched or projected from only one axis, not as a box but as a plane, what am I not seeing? Also, can I manipulate the uv coords with math nodes? they should be vectors as far as I know. The other question I have is regarding the pxrroundcube node, as far as I can see it is meant to be used with pxrmultitexture, but what about using it for normal maps? I hope someone can help me out with this, I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong but can't figure out what.
  2. Any ideas how to install this on Debian/Mint? The .rpm to .deb is the easy part.. but when installation (real Renderman installation) begins, some sort of network error occur.. looks like a wrong library problem... Ideas?!
  3. Renderman pxrlayer issue

    Hi! I've just started looking into Renderman in Houdini, and have found an issue where I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Just trying to play with Pxr Layer and Pxr Mixer to create a material composed of several of them according to a mask. But the simplest instance of this is not working for me. I understand the pxrlayer blue diffuse color should override the green diffuse color in the pxrsurface1 I applied to the box. But it doesn't work and i'm getting a grey box instead. Where is the conceptual mistake on my part? I'm using Houdini 17 and Renderman 21.7 and all working correctly until now.. Thank you very much! pxrsurface.hiplc
  4. Rendering Crowds in Renderman

    Hi everyone I have to render out a crowd scene using Renderman 21.6 however I can't get materials to work using the material stylesheet. I can apply a material directly to the crowd source node, but I want different materials for props. Could someone help. I've looked through the Renderman forums but found little. Thanks you
  5. how can i uses RSL material inside of renderman shop risnet can not find any info on this. So say i made a pattern from with in RLS then I want output into say renderman BxDF PxrLM Plastic how di i do this please
  6. Hello everybody, Here is my first post so I will present myself in few words. I'm Thomas Renault, FX teacher in ESMA school (France). I'm using Houdini since two years now and I enjoy it more and more everyday. First of all I would like to thanks all the community and SideFx team for feeding us continually with documentation and tutorials. That's the first time I post in odforce because I uselly search and find my answer without requesting anyone. Here is my problem : I tryed to render volume in renderman (21,4) for Houdini (16) with motion blur without sucess. I found this on pixar documentation : https://rmanwiki.pixar.com/display/REN/PxrVolume but no fonctionnal blur at all in houdini... Any advice ?
  7. Hi guys, trying to find a solution to render houdini flip sim in Maya Renderman, i exported a rib sequence from H, but not sure that i exported all the attributes (something to promote?) the rendering department here, doesn’t see the v att and Cd att in my rib sequence. my maya knowledge is close to nothing and i can' t check what s wrong with my export my first question is : could you explain me, guys, how to export from Houdini, a ready to render Rib sequence for mayaRenderman v21? second question is : is there tricks to read H attributes in maya?, connect it to shaders?, and also get correct velocity motion blur(since it's changing topology classic moblur doesn't work) thx by advance for your attention
  8. rendering fire, test renders

    Hi all! I'm doing some research on rendering pyro explosions, and here's the result of my comparison between mantra on houdini and renderman 21 on maya using a vdb cache from a pyro explosion. https://vimeo.com/218752467 my thoughts I'm pretty happy with both of them, fire looks detailed as I expected from the hi res sim, and I like the way the light scatters through the smoke and lit it. renderman version came out "hotter" in terms of color than the mantra one, but I guess is something to do with the way blackbody radiations infos were passed to the emission component of the shader, so I can probably get closer one to the other by remapping values in a slightly different way mantra pros render the explosion with mantra was fast in terms of setting up the scene, and the shader is much easier to play with. It's also nicely setup when you create the pyro sim, so you can get a nice looking fire in a few click. cons I found render time slower than renderman, and I couldn't find a way of getting rid of the huge amount of noise in the meshes lit by the explosions (especially when the core of the explosion is brighter) , although my render settings are pretty high (I think): pixel samples 9/9, min/max ray samples 1/9 with noise level 0.005, diffuse and volume limit 5 renderman pros I managed to get faster frames with less noise on the surrounding environments cons set up the shader was kind of a pain compared to mantra. I needed to import fields and remap some values to make them work with PxrBlackBody, nothing too complicated but far more slow compared to mantra I'd really like to get feedback, ideas, personal experience or anything you'd like to say about it
  9. FX Animator- Houdini Arist Needed

    FX Animator If you are qualified and interested please email Angela at ageier@laika.com with your reel and resume. General Summary The FX Animator is responsible for creating Character and Environment FX, and elements for lighting and compositing to support of the visual style and narrative of the film. They will also be involved in the collaboration of creative and technical tools and workflow. Essential Job Functions Design and create the look of computer generated FX and elements through shot production. Under the supervision of the CG Supervisor, VFX Sup and/or Director help establish and follow the look of the film. Troubleshoot creative and technical issues. Partner with the Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Compositing and help support each departments’ FX integration issues. Maintain a high level of quality while working on multiple projects, both looks development and shot production under aggressive deadlines. Perform technical work in support of shot production using various production tools. Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Animation, Art or other relevant area of study and/or equivalent job experience. 3+ years of high-end production experience in television or feature films as an FX artist and/or TD. Experience in producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions. Knowledge of applicable software and platforms including Maya, Renderman and Houdini REQUIRED. Working knowledge of Digital Compositing in Nuke. Experience with advanced lighting techniques such as Global Illumination, HDRI, subsurface scattering and real world lighting set ups, a plus. Experience with 3D paint packages, a plus. Modeling, Texturing and/or Lighting experience, a plus. Disclaimer The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.
  10. After downloading and installing Renderman to its default location, the simplest solution is to put following lines into your Houdini.env as well the Rmantree as a seperate entry in your System variables and appending the path with the @Rmantree. But! in the path variables of your System use $ instead of @. Forward slashes are valid for all three targets. RMANTREE="C:/Program Files/Pixar/RenderManProServer-21.2" Path=$PATH;@RMANTREE/bin Thats it. Cheers
  11. Hi I'm testing renderman21.2,the pxrprimvar node can read variables in Houdini, but I can't do it in maya. here is my work flow: 1,in Houdini I create some attributes : rest, mynormal, myfloat. use attributerename node to RiName. 2,export abc file to maya. 3,use PxrPrimvar node in maya to read those variable, neither rest,Rest,myfloat,Myfloat works for me. any one can tell me how to do this please? thank you very much
  12. Hey Guys I created a simple Quick start video so everyone can get started with Renderman for Houdini hope you like it Thank you
  13. Hi there, I'm trying to wrap my head around renderman 20 in houdini 15.5. Now there's a tricky thing with displacements going on. When building stuff, I usually group the entire object in a single geometry node via subnet and combines, applying materials via the material SOP and specific groupings of the underlying geometry. this in turn creates a string attribute on the selected primitives with name “shop_materialpath” and the given path to the pxrWhatever shader. stuff shows up in RIS renders, everything behaves as expected. fine. this would behave equally, if I just added the “shop_materialpath” via AttributeCreate and the proper path to the shader by hand on a primitive. however, now I want to displace something. the only working way in renderman 20 seems to be to create a pxrDisplacement with some input (f.e. pxrWorley) and add the rendering parameters “Displacement Shader” (shop_displacepath) and “Displacement Bound” (ri_dbound) to the geometry node in /obj. Apply the shader, set bound > 0, displacement shows up in renders. fine. BUT: Now I thought: “Hah. Just transfer these parameters on a primitive base via AttributeCreate as well, done.”. However this doesn't seem to work. Instead I have to extract the geo into a second geometry node in /obj via ObjectMerge and again apply the said parameters on the top-level geometry node itself. Are “shop_displacepath” and “ri_dbound” not assignable to primitives by hand? Or am I missing a crucial step? Perhaps something else has to be applied as well? Any Ideas? -Marcus
  14. I would really appreciate help with doing the simplest possible volume render using RenderMan in Houdini. I always just get a black image. I think my issue is that I don't know how to set up a volume shader... A sample .hip file, or just telling me which nodes to use, would be very appreciated.
  15. Inspired by Renderman's community website, I tried to replicate the industrial and basic glass materials with Mantra. The scenes still need tweaking but I ran out of time. Would anyone be interested in a Mantra procedural materials challenge?
  16. SOHO Structure

    Hello! I am begining an MFA thesis to add additional support for renderman within Houdini. This involves heading into some really unknown terrirory for me and I am having issues finding a "map" of how Scripted Output of Houdini Operators are structured. Are there any resources out on the web or any recommened reading to give me an overall understanding on how the system is stuctured? James S.
  17. Pixar's Renderman in houdini

    Hi, i love the shading/material and lighting/rendering part of the pipeline,in a word,the realism part of CG, yesterday i bought the book "The RenderMan Shading Language Guide", i heard this renderer is the industry standard(is it?) so for now i want to focus on and start learning how to write shaders with it : 1 - how do you evaluate the book? 2 - i'm starting from scratch but i know the C language a little,should i know C before RenderMan? 3 - i heard RenderMan is similar to VEX,is it really? 4 - how do you compare RRMan with Mantra?(they say PRman is THE software itself) 5 - is this book a good starting point for using PRman IN HOUDINI?i mean is the code constant no matter where and in which software it's used? 6 - and finally, if the book is not good then what sources do you suggest to master the renderman shading language?something like fxphd course on renderman?
  18. Renderman. The question is in subject, here are some additional details I was able to find so far: In rendering parameters for prman, there is "reference camera" under "dicing" category. But I still can't figure out how to set it up. In this parameter, I can choose between "world camera" and "frame camera", but i couldn't find a way to mark a camera itself as "world" or "frame". Looks like there are some modifications in rib structure that need to be done to make this parameter work. And I can't figure out how it's done in Houdini. It's the 3rd day I'm trying to find a solution, but I'm stuck with no success. Could anyone help with it, please?
  19. I'm trying to set up point-cloud occlusion. Therefore, I need to turn the culling off. As always, I have added corresponding attributes to the geo node: "Cull Shading Of Occluded Surfaces" (ri_cullshadehidden), "Cull Shading Of Backface Surfaces" (ri_cullshadebackface) and set them to off. But when I render and generate point cloud, these surfaces are obviously culled: In the generated rib file, there are the following lines: Attribute "cull" "bool backfacing" [0] Attribute "cull" "bool hidden" [0] Attribute "dice" "int rasterorient" [0] [/CODE] For some reason, Houdini outputs these 2 attribs as "bool" type, while they must be of "int" type. If I manually edit the file replacing "bool" with "int" and render it, point cloud is created as expected (with backfacing surfaces present). How do I fix it inside Houdini? Maybe, I've got some setting missing? Houdini 12.5.469 prman 15.1
  20. Pixar is promoting their new speed improvements when rendering volumes in RenderMan 17, so I was wondering if anyone has done an apples to apples comparison vs. mantra. I haven't done any controlled comparisons yet, but anecdotal evidence at work so far suggests it is still behind mantra. Can anyone share any more info regarding speed/memory tests? -Jon
  21. Hi, recently, I'm using Houdini to make clouds. I use the Houdini self tool "Pyro FX->Volcano" to emit smoke from a lot of spheres, and then I can make the clouds I like. Please see the attachment picture 1, which is rendered by Mantra. Because I feel it quite slow when using Mantra, and I have Pixar's RenderMan in hand, so I try to render my clouds using PRMan to speed up rendering. But, I can't get what I want, please see attachment picture 2. I know I need to using Light Template when using PRMan, does I miss anything else for successfully rendering Pyro in PRMan? Thanks a lot.