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Found 33 results

  1. Hi all,I wonder is anyone else is having the problem I am experiencing:I have a simple crowd sim: 1. I have one agent defined from a FBX. The agent is generated in a different hip file and baked out. In my simulation scene, I am accessing the agent from ‘disk’2. I plug this agent into the crowd source node.3. I simulate my crowd source, using the shelf tool. All good so far.4. I have some geometry (waving flag) saved out as a bgeo sequence, which is brought into my crowd system as packed primitive sequence. It is then attached to my simulated agent with the Agent Relationship node.5. I save the scene.6. When I press play or try to cache out my geometry, I get ‘segmentation fault’, Houdini bombs out and I can not load my scene any more. Not only that, I cannot load the backup scene or even any other scenes I have ‘saved_as’ along the way. As soon as I try to load a hip file, I get a segmentation fault again and Houdini bombs out. Weird.I have remade my agent (with new name) from scratch and remade my simulation scene multiple times and this crash keeps happening.Has anyone seen this kind of problem? What can I do to recover my hip scenes
  2. Hello everybody! I've got one agent for a crowd simulation. He's holding a sword on his R_hand. When using Agentedit node, Im able to adjust transformations of that controller, which is great, but it affects all agents in the same way. =( What would be the approach to randomize the wrist rotation to get some variation over to the crowd sim ? Thanks!
  3. hey guys got a good un for you I attended a thingy in london some time ago and basically there was a vfx guy who was demonstrating how they setup the spaceship battles in the first guardians of the galaxy. So it got me thinking if i can use a spaceship as a little crowd agent and maybe transition from one ship pose to another as its affected by velocities. Are there any good workflows in houdini? I'm currently using a crowd/agent setup. I've got a little spaceship model with a basic idle on the spot and thats exported as a .fbx from maya. and wanted to have it so it transitions to another state (wings back when accelerating) when they move forward (another exported clip). Ideally it would be better to have say 100 points that move in space and on each point is a spaceship thats aligned by the points movement. anyone tried this in the past or got any good suggestions? cheers ant @Farmfield @mestela any good thoughts on this one? I'm guessing i can use points and a popnet possibly to control the flight of my spaceships - the idea of using the crowd is to get them to 'animate' based on what they are doing
  4. Hi there, working on a system with Houdini crowds in which I have a bunch of bugs writhing around on a dudes body. I can get one agent with multiple clips working no problem but when I try to add another agent (via a merge before I plug into crowd source) the clip attribute does not respect the agent group. That is, a maggot clip is being assigned to a mealworm for example. Of course the mealworm (second agent given to the agent group in the crowd source sop) gets screwed up in dops. While the first agent is fine. All of the examples I've found deal with only one agent. Is it possible to have multiple agents (say 10 different types of bugs) all working in the same crowd simulation? thanks in advance, nik
  5. Crowd Rendering in Arnold

    Hi guys. Is there anyone here who is rendering crowds from H in Arnold? Arnold doesn't support packed primitives, so: I'm trying to figure out how to leverage instancing at Rendertime in Arnold so that rendering really big datasets(hair, cloth included) is possible. Are there any smart ways/workflows to go about this?
  6. Hey, I am attaching a shape to my agent's hand (via agentlayer). Is there a way to disconnect the shape from the hand and make it rbd (as to drop to the floor)? Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, Here's a weird one: I am trying to use the crowdsource to copy a simple agent animation on a point sim. It is basically a swarm test. Now the problem is that when I try to render my agents they render as boxes. So far I have done a couple days of research but I didn't seem to be able to find a solution or anybody with my same issue. The simple answer that I gave to myself was "use the copy sop with some timewarp stamping for each point" but the copy sop gets too heavy to quickly. Does anybody have an idea of what am I doing wrong? I have attached a zip file with the hip and the fbx of the bee animation. Thanks for your help! bees_test.zip
  8. Crowd Simultation: Translate/Rotate

    I am new to Houdini. My goal is to create a scene with multiple formations of marching soldiers. There will be no opportunities for collisions, so that will not be an issue. I have an fbx model with animation. I can create an agent, a single crowdsource (in formation) and simulation. That works. My question concerns translating and rotating the individual formations in the scene. The action takes place away from the origin. Should I translate the agent there first, then create the crowdsource and simulation or create the crowdsouce(s) at the origin and translate them to the desired location or translate the simulation node? My experiments have produced some results that I don't understand so before blindly hacking out something that sort of works, I would like to know how an experienced user would approach the problem.
  9. hey all another crowd question - is it possible to make the crowd drop the weapons they are carrying when they collide with my object and turn to ragdolls? It only seems to be stuck in the characters hand and it would be awesome to put layers like weapons and helmets on them and have all that fall off when they are hit with my object? right now my agent has an agent layer in that is pointing to the hammer mesh i built (simple shape built in another sop network) - its constrained to the hand nicely but how would i get those to disconnect when the character turns to ragdoll? Would it be another trigger setup?
  10. hey everyone another crowd question - is there a way to emit crowd agents ? Right now i have a scatter node born from a circle that generates my crowd agents but it would be nice if i can birth them? I tried creating a popnet and used a poplocation to generate points one at a time (approx one every second) - my hope was that i could get these to become agents but i cant seem to pass that info through to the crowd setup ? anyone any know how on tackling this? thanks! ant
  11. hi guys i'm trying to generate an exposion with a crowd of ragdoll characters - i have them walking to the centre of my scene then i use an expanding ball shape to blast them outwards. it sorta works.. its working quite well overall but from above i get this clear ring.. so is there a way to use a force instead to knock them outwards? I'm guessing it would be a pop force potentially but i cant seem to get that to work weirdly its like they dont affect the particles at the helm of the crowd sim?
  12. Hi Houdini friends! Has anyone tried doing crowd simulation with concave shaped obstacles? (e.g., crowds coming from a train carriage to the platform, where the obstacles are the hull of the train carriage) I tried to use SOP and DOP data on the popsteerobstacle, both of them didn't work well, agents were still going through the hull of the carriage. Does anyone have a clue how to fix this? Thanks a lot!!! Best, Viola Lyu
  13. quick one this and i cant seem to get it working.. got a crowd system giong - i have my characters run towards cam and as they get close to an object they stop and transition to an arms up movemnt. it seems to work... but my prob is they seem to pile into one another in one big mush instead of giving each other some personal space lol! there is an option in the crowdsolver which i thought would work as essnetially they are all particles but annoyingly they dont... does anyone have any ideas on doing this?
  14. Hi Houdini friends! Has anyone tried to do crowd simulation where you have the agent going upstairs and down stairs? I was trying to use the mocapbiped3 and use the steps -> sidefx_male_walk_to_step_up and I baked it out with locomotion checked. In the crowd simulation I used the locomotion instead of in-place, and as it's from walk to step up it doesn't form a continuous cycle, and it keeps going down a little bit when looping with itself. I tried to use follow terrain, but it didn't work out well. Is there a good way to do these kind of movements? Going upstairs / downstairs? Thanks!!!
  15. hi everyone got a little problem here - i've setup a ragdoll system for my crowd... i've animated a door in maya that opens up and that was exported from maya via alembic. the prob is as the characters run towards the door they sort of collide around a bounding box and i cant figure out why? has anyone encountered this? Its really pickling my head - they are clearly hitting a bounding box of the opening doors I'm afraid i cant send a scene either anyone any ideas? thanks ant
  16. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/crowds/ragdoll hey guys quick one here - i found this in the manual after doing a google search - but i cant for the life of me suss out how to do that? There is a crowdobject node in my crowd sim network but i cant suss out how to switch it to dop impact objects as this tip suggests? Can anyone help this would be a huge help! ta ant
  17. Hello fellow Houdini users! I am using the Houdini Crowd setup. I am trying to trigger a state change in fish from a fast swim to a slow swim. I understand that using the triggers and transitions I can get animation clips to smoothly blend together over time. However I can't get the crowd steering nodes to transition together smoothly. Beneath my fast swim and slow swim states I have separate chains of crowd steer nodes, one that has low drag and high movement, and the other with high drag and low movement, and they then feed into the 'merge states' node and then into the crowdsolver. But when the transition is triggered there is no interpolation between these states, they immediately switch over regardless of the transition duration. Does anyone know a way I can get a smooth transition between two separate crowd steering states? Thank you for your help!
  18. Hey all! Quick question for everybody. I have not been able to set mulptile RBD objects as triggers for a crowd simulation for some reason. I can't share the scene file but can create another one to exemplify my dilemma if that would help. I have setup a crowd simulation with 4 triggers for 4 separate RBD objects. This is in Houdini 15.0 which is necessary for the Houdini Engine integration with Cinema 4D. The problem is that the 4 RBD objects simulate but only the last linked RBD object (number 4) affects the clones. I suppose it's overwriting the other RBD triggers? Could anybody give me a tip on how to rig this differently so it recognizes all 4 RBD objects in the Ragdoll simulation. Best regards, Sam Welker
  19. Hi all, I've been using the crowd shelf tools this week, trying to get to know them. The example files are super helpful, and have taught me a lot, but I'm getting slightly stuck on one seemingly simple thing. Controlling the initial position of the agents. For example, I have around 10 agents, walking, following a circular path. However I cannot figure out how to define the starting positions of the agents to be along that circle (so that they are all walking around it from F1). I can only seem to be able to randomly populate a surface, or set the population to 'formation', which allows me to do a straight line, but not a curved one. Both of these are v useful, but is there a way to set a custom starting state for agents (i.e placed along a curve)? Basically I want to set up agents walking around a circular pool. Any tips much appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Hi guys! I would like to randomize some of the geometry on my crowd agent and I can't seem to find anything in the help docs or any tutorials on it. Do I use layers or shape library to randomize a geo (eg. a sword in hand to a diff variation) and how do I go about baking out the geometry with the agent and randomizing it? Cheers! Ronald
  21. Crowds in H15

    Hey, finally my H15 Crowd tutorial was released on Digital Tutors/Pluralsight. It covers the preparation of animated characters for the crowd system, several behaviours/states/transitions and ragdoll effects! In the end you will have a complete crowd scenario with hundreds of agents and more than 8 different animation clips + ragdoll.. Here you can take a look and feel free to get in contact with me for any further questions and/or feedback Crowds in H15 Just a quick side note...as SideFX is improving the crowd system a lot (even with every daily build) there is now the possibility to import animations directly from the FBX file, which makes the preparation process easier, but nevertheless I think its good to understand whats going on under the hood and you can also start with a later lesson, where all agents are already cached out... Cheers
  22. Hi, I'd need to be able to render the agent proxies of the crowdsource node Thoses proxies are present when you don't connect an agent to the crowdsource node, but they won't show up when rendering. Is there a way to have them rendered? I'd need the cone+sphere only (not the ground circle+line) thanks ! *edit* I dived-in the crowdsource node, and found out where those proxies are made, but I can't really see how to modify the settings, and can't even see any setting that prevent them to be rendered :/ please help : /
  23. Hi, I try to learn how Houdinis crowd simulation tools work. Before I start with a rigged character, I'd like to understand how all the basics work with a very simple setup. Thanks to Atoms nice tutorial ( ), I did a setup for a simple box. The boxes are wandering over a hilly ground. All I want at the moment is that the boxes should be oriented along the normal of the ground, how can I do it? The simple file is attached. crowd.hiplc
  24. Hi there, I'm testing houdini as a tool for crowd sim, but I'm getting weird results (I'm very new to houdini). I can create a crowd and manage it quite well, as long as I'm not getting into what I really need -> indoor sim. So I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried that kind of indoor crowd sim? By indoor I mean that I need the crowd to enter a room, via a stair, then go to another room through a doorway. For that I'm using boxes as obstacles to avoid the agents to go through walls, and it makes the agent kind of slow and stopping at doorway or any narrow passage. I reduce the near avoid force and distance a lot to get them to pass, but it's still messy. Also, another problem is that the agents always penetrate other agents, even with tweaking the avoidance settings :/ any help would be much appreciated! thanks, cyril.
  25. [SOLVED] H15 crowd simulation error

    Hello everyone, I recently installed H15 on my system and tried to follow zombie hit tutorial from sidefx ( ). Everything went fine except when ball hits the first zombie, it disappears and only first zombie appears to affected and that too in very weird way. I followed the tutorial thoroughly. I have attached the scene file and video. I don't know why it happened. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Problem fixed. Forgot to put collision layer for all. zombiev1.hip zombie_error_video.rar