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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there Everyone. So I have a bit of an Issue and was wondering if someone could Assist me. Explanation of the SIM : Fluids hit the center using a Magnet force, Gravity turns on and magnet force off causing the fluids to drop into a Sphere where the fluid will be stirred around by moving the sphere. Explanation of my SOP & DOP Set up : I have a fluid objects (Spheres) that I use a Copy to Points SOP and mountain SOP to displace from the center and a few transforms to get a decent scale. I then Created an Object in the middle for them to Collide with. Check the first image attached for the scene. I then have Another sphere where I want the Fluids to interact with but the fluids must remain within the Sphere. I have turned on Invert Sign to do this and have tested it to know it works. Check second image attached. I then want to switch between the two objects at a Specific frame so that the Fluid can fall into the bigger sphere and be stirred around. Check the thirst image for my DOP set up. I have tried an RBD Keyframe Active, Switch Value and nothing works. Dose anyone know how I can achieve this affect ?
  2. Hey Houdini Gurus! I am trying to do some RnD on creating a massive whirlpool using flip fluids. Although I am aware of how to create custom forces in Houdini, I am pretty much clueless on how to create a tangential vortex force in order to achieve this effect. In my head, here is how I think I would do it. Correct me if I am wrong. - Create a geometry where whirlpool would swirl on including the middle whole. - Create custom tangential vectors on that geometry with some noise patterns on it to break the uniformity. - Plug the field into the flip. Can anyone help me with this? What would be the maths behind it? I searched here and people have done it using Houdini Ocean Toolkit before but that's not the approach I am looking for. I want to achieve it in flip. Something like this Thanks a lot for the help. -b
  3. Animate pScale of flip overtime?

    Hey guys! Was wondering if anyone has an idea how to decrease the pScale of flip fluid overtime during the sim? I am trying to do a shrinking effect using flip and thought this might be a good place to begin with. Unfortunately, animating particle radius scale on the flip object doesn't really work. If you have any other idea how to achieve the shrinking effect, please let me know. All help is appreciated. Cheers, b
  4. Hello Houdini community, I was wondering if anyone had had the idea of using the new oceans tools to do sand effects. I am trying to figureout the best way to set up an object in a vast desert that is rising up through the sand. A number of years ago I took Spencer Leuders class on CG workshops using fluids and one of his classes used vops to manipulate the fluid to behave like sand. My thought is to take a similar approach but do it to a flip tank with an object rising from underneath the sand. This is how I think it should be setup, but don’t know if it’s the best way to do it. I would love any tips. Thank you guys for your time. Object rising.mov Ocean_Sand_v01.hip
  5. Houdini Whitewater Particle query

    Hi, I am creating a waterfall simulation to integrate into a Matt painting, and I cant figure out how to get the spherical particles in the screen shot below, to become more foam like and not so geometric. They are part of the whitewater simulation and i've searched a lot online and asked people and gone through the nodes, but cant figure out how to fix it? Is there maybe a way to create a material for just those particles and change it to a more foam like texture and consistency or smoke, or is there a better way to do it? Really appreciate any help, as quite new to Houdini and working to a fast approaching deadline for uni! :/ Thanks!
  6. Simulation Strategies

    Hello! I was wondering if some of you had a strategy to render high resolution simulations. For exemple, to render a high resolution smoke, can you render at a low resolution multiple times? Thank you!
  7. Hi all, I am looking to achieve the kind of effect in the given reference video below: https://vimeo.com/100104687 Check out the characters, they are made of grains and I am also looking for same/similar effect that can work with fluids. Thanks in advance for your help. Hope to hear from you soon. You can find the reference file here: Regards
  8. Fill glass

    Hi, Before starting and explaining what is all about, which is kind of obvious, I've search on this forum and official houdini forum to solve this problem but none of the subjects came across with a straight answer. What I want is simply filling the glass. The collision geometry is really thick, as is suppose to be, added a divergence attribute, which is ridiculous high, just to get the glass filled (as suggested on other posts) but still it's like the glass has a hole somewhere and stays at the same level. See the image at frame 46. In tried also in realflow and it fills the glass normally. I've attached the file in case someone want's to dig in and have a look. Thank you in advance. fill_glass.hipnc
  9. Boat Across Wavey sea

    Hi, I do have houdini experience, just never with Fluids. Basically what im trying to achieve is making a boat going across a slightly choppy sea (something a bit like carlos's example ), i did follow sidefx's tutorial on flip tanks, but thats only basic and i want to push it even more. here is what i have so far:
  10. Matte/Alpha rendering

    Hi, For a school project I have made a FLIP sim that enters the scene when a door opens. The project has been 3Dcamera tracked, matchmoved and model-built to sit in the shot nicely. I am wondering what the pathway would be to render only the visible sim once the door has opened to let the fluid enter the scene. Would there be a material I can put on the door which will act as an alpha that I can use the original plate and as the door opens it is only the exposed sim that renders? I don't know how to set this up, haven't done many complex renders at all. I hope someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. Because my working file has a lot of imported objects I have just uploaded a still frame, hope that's okay
  11. Particle separation flip fluids

    Hey everyone, Trying to wrap my head around flip simulations in Houdini, any help is much appreciated. so here is a animation of the sark i downloaded from the very talented Carlos Parmentier, (thank you) My container is 50x25x55, The rest of the setting are explicitely mentioned in the attached QT, please do take a look. So here are my questions, 1) as we reduce the particle separation, (increase resolution) the simulation changes quite drastically, so say if i were to test a sim at .2 separation, how do you know what you are going to get at say .075, 2) Is there any way to up rez these simulations without such a drastic change in the look of the sim. 3) I'm sure some of you masters in flip sim, could critique my simulation, and guide me to better them . 4) Other than the shelf tool for a white water sim, what would be the best way to get some white water? Thank you.
  12. Hey Guys I have an issue here with volumes and attributes in general in fact. So in my scene if you take a look at it, I have a vdbfromparticlefluid node that I want to change the voxel scale value based on a colored ramp that runs down the particles and colors the points from black to white. I want to force the voxelscale parameter to be pretty much like .5 when high in the air and .2 when lower in the air. I don't know enough about attributes yet to achieve this, but I want to achieve it using color from the particles. It seems almost impossible to change original parameters stored in geometry (that are essentially locked ) based on new attributes. Of course, this being a volume, I have lost all point data information so I can't use color or anything based on points To explain this better: How would I say take a sphere's radius in x and force the radius in x to be an newly named attribute so that when i change the new attribute, the radius changes in the original sphere based on that attribute? So basically like channel referencing, only it will be channel referencing on an attribute that was created after the fact. So this is more of a "how do I change original geometry parameters based on new attributes that I created after the fact" question. I tried everything under the sun to get this to work. Channel referencing, Volume Vops, (Don't know those yet). Attrib transfer, Solvers in Sop level, Volume from attribute, all kinds of things... Can anyone help me? I need this for a project and I'm on a tight deadline so any help at all will be super highly appreciative. Thank you! Cloud_FloodV4.hip
  13. Hi guys, I need to distribute a flip fluid sim on the farm, I have Royal Render on the farm but what's really matter for me now is make it works so, which one is the best way to sim it: ..HQueue or RR? And in any case, how can I do it, please? Thanks in advance
  14. Viscosity using Colour?!

    Hello fellow Houdini users! I am testing out some 'viscosity by colour' in Flip. But unfortunately I haven't been able to do it yet. Can please someone help me on this? I know this should be simple enough. Painting the source and calling the grouped attribute back in DOPs something something? Here is an example of what I am basically looking for - http://vimeo.com/70503117 Cheers!
  15. Houdini flip fluid size

    Hi, I am trying to emit flip fluids from a tube. Its working fine but when I decrease the radius of tube the size of fluid remains same. I am using a sphere to emit fluid. I tries reducing sphere size but it didnt work. How to reduce the size of fluid?