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Found 14 results

  1. Hi! did anyone experience the same issue? I imported an Alembic file with different face IDs to Houdini. But when I export it back via Alembic just for testing the ID grouping is basically right, but they don't have the correct order/ID… , they are randomly distributed. I cannot see any pattern. It's neither alphabetically nor based on face count. My node tree consists of: Alembic Import Node –> ROP Alembic Output. On the left side you see the original mesh with correct Material ID order and on the right side the imported Mesh with the wrong material order. Does anyone has a solution for this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Guys, I guess it might be a veeery silly question but I just can't do it. How do I display textures on viewport? In this case I have this ramp applied (not an image texture) Thx! Alvaro
  3. Hiya! I'm still new to Houdini and I was wondering if anyone had made use of 3D decals (projected textures) in Houdini? I've found them really useful in the past and I was wondering if anyone had played around with them. They look like this kinda thing: I'm not talking about the Decal material node, I mean things similar in effect to what is talked about in this blog post. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am trying to assign a material to packed disk primitive. This was already asked here many times but still I am not sure about my current situation I have geometry with two groups, I want to assign two materials based on those groups. However geometry is quite heavy so it makes sense to load it as packed disk primitive so that viewport is fast and ifd small. This geo is part of a digital asset, digital asset contains shop network with those shaders. So I need a way to assign material using relative path. I tried it but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. With absolute path it works as expected. I also do not want to unpack the geo inside asset, because then I would loose packed disk prim advantages. One solution would be to save it with absolute path and put shaders always inside /shop/... But if I could make relative material path assignment working, it would make my scenes cleaner as everything related to the asset is included inside the digital asset. Thanks, Juraj
  5. I want to make a shader using attribvop or, simillar shader thing in SHOP. I made simple hip file and attached. If you guys have time to answer, thank you all shopTest.hip
  6. Hi everyone. I have a trouble assigning material to packed fractured RBD. After dop import I lose all inside and outside groups. How should I assign material to 'inside' and 'outside' groups in packed RBD ?
  7. Hello. I tried to search in this forum but I found no answer. Some tutorials in which they use Houdini 12 they have an element in the Material Palette called "Reflective". In Houdini 13 this doesn't exist anymore. Is there an equivalent? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello guys. I was trying to work with glass material and caustic lights. However I have a problem while creating a material for the plane. The caustic lights and shadows are casted to the plane. So I don't want the plane to have diffuse channel, I just want alpha information for the shadows and alpha information for the refracted light that is bouncing in the floor in a sepparate alpha channel. Is that possible? I need to compo it into a live action footage so I don't want the geometry of the plane to be exported. I thought this idea could work: 1. Export the whole geometry, the glass balls with the floor. 2. Export direct reflection and refraction passes. 3. Export a CONSTANT COLOR matte of the ground but NOT the glass balls. So that we can crop out the diffuse of JUST the floor in the compositing stage. This must be super easy and not as this silly work out. How do you composite caustic lights? Thanks in advance guys.
  9. Hey all, I hope someone can shed some light on this. I have to emit a tonne of particles, more than 20 millions, and instance geometry on them. the bottleneck come when I try to override the color of the instances with the Cd attributes of each points. I would like to ear from you that there is a better way to do this than to use a material sop because it's taking so much time to compute before rendering. Any advice is welcome! Here a sample scn pointinstanceprocedural_v002.hip Thanks in advance ! Doum
  10. Hi Everyone, I am facing the problem that I do not completely know how to render out deep data. I am setting the deep resolver to filename.exr in the mantra node, but it doesn't seem to be rendered. Also, how would you assign a material to an entire alembic imported network? Thank you very much in advance. Cheers, Jonas Jørgensen
  11. Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and Houdini, and i'm currently diving into Mantra (once again ). And what i would like to achieve is basically a global material override.(For AmbOcc for example) What i tried so far: 1: Adding a shop_materialpath attr. to the subnetwork that is the toplevel node of my structure and overriding it on a take. (Much like Vray Object Property Sets in Maya for example, whose attributes ripple down on all members of the sets).....but that doesnt work i guess 2: Override the shop_materialpath on each geometry node which works fine and is much less a hustle than it sounds at first. But it still needs tweaking, once i add a new object to the scene. 3:PythonFiltering: Which seems like the way to go for me! From what ive read so far, the Houdini scene translation is written in Python and properties like shader assignments can be altered during the process. So i read the documentation and did the following: -Changed the mantra commandline to: mantra -P pythToMyScript/script.py -In wrote the following script: def filterInstance(): print('Filtering: {0}'.format(mantra.property('object:name'))) mantra.setproperty('object:surface', '/obj/shop_net/constant_green_mt') mantra.setproperty('object:overridedetail', 1) print('Im just an a output to confirm i have been called!')[/CODE] -The script is actually called and i get the correct output in the console like so: [CODE]Filtering: ['/obj/enzo_geo_grp/glassRubberGrp/black_behind_window_thing3'] Im just an a output to confirm i have been called![/CODE] -But the last line states an error: [CODE] mantra: VEX error: Unable to load file /obj/shop_net/constant_green_mt.vex Rendering Finished[/CODE] -I added the declare_all_shops parameter to the mantra rop and set it to "Declare all shops" , also i checked on Force VEX Shader embedding -Both materials are just ordinary constant mtls. i dragged into my own SHOP network in /obj/shop_net/. Any ideas on what i am doing wrong here? Thx
  12. Heya guys, So i'm a bit stumped on this. I have generated a fracture that has a refracturing occurring. Think "box falling down a cliff face refracturing on each bounce". The problem is the inside and outside grouping keeps redefining themselves and I have shaders changing from interior to exterior faces on each impact. How can I overcome this? Cheers, Ollie
  13. Hey, I've been running through some tutorials to learn Houdini and I know this one's a little outdated, http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1846&Itemid=346 but I ran into a problem at the end. After outputting the crumbling columns as a geometry sequence he brings it back in as a file sop and runs it through a material sop, where he is able to call on the group "inside," to mean the inside surfaces of the columns as they are breaking. For me, under the group menu, it just says "no entries." After putting down a break sop before the material I did have the group "inside," but of course the break sop is not something I want in there. Thanks for any input! File attached. Lincoln columnsdestroyed.hipnc
  14. Hi guys, I have multiple polygons modelled, uv-ed and material-ed. But when I merge them (All under the same obj level), some uv and materials does not pass through. I've checked help about merge asking me to "set explicitly" but I'm really lost what it means as everything has been set. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Thanks!