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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I'm learning Houdini Crowds and I think I've gotten the general basics down. Now, I'd like to try and simulate a small battle scene, with 2 separate groups on opposite ends of the scene run together and clash in the middle. I know it must be simple, but I can't figure out how to have 2 separate groups (made up of multiple agents) use each other as a goal and run towards each other. I've tried playing around with target position, but it seems to only allow a single goal rather than allowing one group to use another as a goal and vice versa. Is there a simple workflow for this? Thank you for your time.
  2. Hi everyone, Here's a weird one: I am trying to use the crowdsource to copy a simple agent animation on a point sim. It is basically a swarm test. Now the problem is that when I try to render my agents they render as boxes. So far I have done a couple days of research but I didn't seem to be able to find a solution or anybody with my same issue. The simple answer that I gave to myself was "use the copy sop with some timewarp stamping for each point" but the copy sop gets too heavy to quickly. Does anybody have an idea of what am I doing wrong? I have attached a zip file with the hip and the fbx of the bee animation. Thanks for your help! bees_test.zip
  3. Hi, I am just starting to R&D a shot with a stadium crowd performing a 'card stunt' (http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-amazing-colorful-flip-card-propaganda-mosaics-of-n-1051426231) So, I have made some agents with a card assigned as an Agent Layer. I have got the agents animating, transitioning and with random textures applied. So far so good! I am having difficulty assigning random material to the cards. Is there a way to do this? I can't seem to find a way for stylesheets to isolate the cards. Many thanks for any help with this. Dan
  4. Hi all I'm trying to make a bunch of people run/jump out from a cliff. However, trying to follow some video tutorials. Every time I have baked my agent and want to setup "Collision layer" and "Configure joints" something goes wrong. I'm using an off the shelf Mocap biped 3, and as soon as I do the collision layering and joints, nothing gets selected automatically as in the videos. If I select and setup the joints myself, as soon as I simulate, the head, legs and what not pops right off and everything is chaos. Can anybody explain me how to do this properly. Never worked with Crowds before. Thank you so much in advance
  5. Hi Houdini friends! Has anyone dealt with crowd simulation with stairs before? I tried to use terrain projection, and I was getting weird foot positions, also when agents are going up and down there is always a very abrupt change of position. Another thing is when the agents are going upwards, there is always a lag in position updates. Attached is my scene files, any help will be really appreciated!!! Thank you so much!!! stairs.tar.gz
  6. Hey All, I just have a crowd workflow question. so I have bunch of fbx files with different animations and I have been loading them in with Houdini 15.5 agent node fbx load feature (https://vimeo.com/181696549). It is really fast and clean however, I have to use multiple agent nodes to load my fbxs' in and Houdini is recognizing it as multiple agents but it should a single agent with multiple clips. Is there a way to merge all of the fbx load to a single agent or is post export .bclips will be the only way?
  7. Decided I'd learn how to work with the Houdini Crowd system by actually making my own agents from exported character animations out of World of Warcraft, but the main problem I've got is that since all of these clips started off without any locomotion, I need to figure out how you actually get that back in. Agent Edit SOP appears to work in the viewport at least...I can translate the character over the course of their walk cycle and reorient them (they start facing X instead of Z) but yet when I feed that into the Agent ROP it doesn't seem to stick. Not a ton of info out there sadly for working with custom Agents in H15.5, and even worse is that these particular FBX files explode if you try to Import -> FBX them which makes this all potentially a lot more difficult. Has to be loaded up via Agent SOP.
  8. Hello fellow Houdini users! I am using the Houdini Crowd setup. I am trying to trigger a state change in fish from a fast swim to a slow swim. I understand that using the triggers and transitions I can get animation clips to smoothly blend together over time. However I can't get the crowd steering nodes to transition together smoothly. Beneath my fast swim and slow swim states I have separate chains of crowd steer nodes, one that has low drag and high movement, and the other with high drag and low movement, and they then feed into the 'merge states' node and then into the crowdsolver. But when the transition is triggered there is no interpolation between these states, they immediately switch over regardless of the transition duration. Does anyone know a way I can get a smooth transition between two separate crowd steering states? Thank you for your help!
  9. At the moment i'm playing a bit with the crowd tools. i have seen that there are triggers for crowd agents but are there also triggers for object's? i want to make a small project where the agent has to run thru a parcour and in special situation some elements want's to kill them and for that i need logic in the object. is there a alternative way todo it? in a gameengine it's easy to do it but i wan't to learn houdini crowd.
  10. Hi, I have a couple of questions on crowds 1) Is it possible to set the viewport colour of agents without unpacking the sim? At the moment setting Cd will change the colour of the circle beneath it's feet, but this can be difficult to see in large crowds. Unpacking works but this is very slow. 2) Is there a way to implement ‘ragdoll recovery’ as shown here for golaem? http://golaem.com/content/doc/golaem-crowd-documentation/ragdoll-recovering-animation [golaem.com] Currently setting a crowd trigger & transition from ‘ragdoll’ to an animated state has no effect and the agent stays in the ragdoll state permanently? 3) Is it possible to set a per-agent avoidance forces/weights so that some agents groups avoid other agents aggressively while others do not try to avoid at all? 4) Varying the agent scale (pscale) seems to affect the speed at which agents move? Why does this happen and how can it be prevented? Thanks
  11. Hello, Does anyone have a solution for creating dynamic cloth simulation for crowds? For instance, a crowd running with flag poles using a prop following the crowd agent layering method? If someone can accomplish a dynamic cloth asset with either .abc cache file or houdini cloth for crowds I would love to hear your technique. I have included: flagTest.abc (nCloth flag animation on pole), screenshot showing example method for using using .abc assets for crowds, tutorial for agent layering method for crowds, and tutorial for constraining houdini cloth. Can anyone manage to get flagTest.abc be used by the biped character 2 for Houdini crowds? Thanks! flagTest.abc
  12. I'm trying to render different materials for crowd objects using the style sheets, however it's not working as expected. Here's some simple code that works: { "styles" : [ { "target" : { "group" : "100-200" }, "overrides" : { "material" : { "name" : "`opfullpath("../shopnet1/constant1")`" } } } ] } This basically assigns the "constant" material shader to all the points/primitives 100-200. However replacing the constant material with the mocap biped material results in no material at all, ie replace "../shopnet1/constant1" with "../mocapbiped21/MATERIALS/clothing". Using this material as the assigned geometry material works fine, but it doesn't seem to be recognised by the style sheet... Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?