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Found 26 results

  1. Hi all! First post, sorry is not to contribute much but to ask for help, hopefully someone else with the same problem can read about this and find the solution here. I have a problem loading geometry in Houdini 16 running on W7x64, no matter what kind of file the behavior is always the same, to hang for a few seconds, then display the Cooking message for a (longer than it feels right) moment and then returning an error in the node. The dreaded message in the ! Error field of the node is: Unable to read file "C:/Users/userName/Documents/fileName.obj". This happens either via FILE > IMPORT > GEOMETRY and also popping the TAB menu, typing GEOMETRY and creating a new node, double clicking on it and trying to browse to the file via the floating file chooser input. I have already tried with many different files and file types, creating a simple cube OBJ and trying to import it, to make sure the file name does not have any spaces or numbers, I have even dropped the file in the $HOME folder (/Documents in my case) to ensure was not a path issue. I also have tried to check my houdini.env file to see if something weird was overwriting the program defaults (all is commented out, no actual environment variables there), even to add a PATH | path-to-the-houdini-bin-folder; to the system variables to no avail. The default.bgeo that Houdini uses as placeholder is loading without any issue, so not sure if this involve a path problem, my guess is more a geometry interpreter related issue of sorts. Additionally, Houdini gets all weird after the geometry is unsuccessfully loaded with constant freezes and even if I can get to select the node and eliminate it, the behavior of pressing space/alt to cam-navigate the 3D viewport results in a constant spinning around (!?). I have added an image displaying the error if its of any help, would be great to know how to get a workaround to this issue if someone can give a hand, thanks in advance! Eth.
  2. Creating a node takes ages. What could be the problem that is making it so slow? It did this after the latest update (updated 15.5.632 to 15.5.674) Please note that we already tried to install versions as far back as 15.0 and until the latest version of 15.5. The problem keeps occurring even without virus scanners and windows defender being turned off. It also doesn't matter if it is installed on a SDD or on a HDD and all the drivers are up to date. Even if all the preferences have been deleted (in the documents directory) it stays the same and it also doesn't matter on which Houdini License server it's running: in Standalone mode or not. I'm running out of ideas to what the problem could be. If you know the solution or have an idea what it could be, let me know! Please ignore the audio in the example video below, it is in a noisy classroom with students discussing different nodes (not related to what you see, you can watch without audio)
  3. Hey guys, I really need some help here, I'm in the middle of a project and can't export the simulated cloth with proper UVs (exporting it as alembic / must work in Maya) Here are some statements about the situation: - if I export the grid mesh, with no simulation, the UVs are read correctly outside of Houdini; - if I export the simulation, directly from the dopimport1 node, it doesn't work outside of Houdini; - the UVs are ok when I import it back to Houdini (and unpack the geometry); - the cloth is gettin' ripped on my original scene, this way I can't use an attribute copy to get the uvs from the original mesh (since it's point count is changing); - If I import it to 3ds Max, it work's at the first frame but as soon as I run the timeline it get id of the uv. I can get the 1st frame uv to stick to the object if I add an Unwrap UVW modifier to it. Tried to export it from Max to Maya but it doesn't work; I did a quick test here in a much simplier scene, with a plane only and get the same problem. The scene file is attached + 2 exported alembics (with and without simulation) Thank's in advance Cloth Problem.rar
  4. Hey guys, so had this odd viewport issue for a while with pyro - sometimes it will show it properly (with shadows lighting etc.) sometimes it will be solid white voxels and then other times black smoke with again no shadows - provided screenshots below to help! I thought it maybe a GPU problem - running a GTX 770 - i7 3.3ghz - 32gb ram - Turning headlight only on in viewport (lightwise) then clicking back to normal lighting sometimes fixes it but not always (Images below show the black and white viewport errors i was on about) rather than shaded white smoke
  5. Hi, I'm new to Houdini and I got a problem of smoke passing through my ground plane despite the fact that I've already plugged it with a static solver in my pyro_sim. I did the same thing with the debris and it worked well. The smoke and the debris are created after the footsteps of a character, I have no idea why it doesn't work... Thanks! Fumee_course_Mathilda04.hipnc course_basique.abc
  6. Sup guys, I've just imported an alembic from client - it's just a static object - and it's already placed a few units up from the ground. I need to give it some initial angular velocity to make it spin while it falls but, it looks like, the angular veocity is coming from the origin gnomon. Thx /Alvaro
  7. Sup guys, I've just imported an alembic from a client - it's just a static object - and it's already placed a few units up from the ground. I need to give it some initial angular velocity to make it spin while it falls but, it looks like, the angular veocity is coming from the origin gnomon. Thx /Alvaro
  8. Hey guys, i'm trying to fill a "tank" with water but i'm getting two problems on the mesh. 1st is this line near the top surface. Any idea on how to get rid of this? 2nd is some holes popping up eventually. Thank's, Alvaro
  9. So I setup an easy Particle system on Houdini, and when I try to Alembic it doesn't works, just FBX does. Can anyone please make an easy Houdini file with all setup for Alembic ROP a particle system?, so I can see whats the diference between it and mine. (I cant share mine because the source is a Bgeo sequence of 360 files) Im on H12 and trying to export alembic to Maya 2013 x64
  10. Hi guys, I was trying to do some Rnd with the Lava shelf tool and used the Cooling and Heating tools but I can't get them to work properly or at least how I thought it would work. I created 2 boxes (one for each) and it's cooling/heating when the fluid gets to the box but keeps on going after that as it had no effect. Looks like it works with the heating one but with the other it works just when the fluid hits the surface and then loses the attributes or whatever.. It should work with the volume, not just surface, and get even cooler, no? Well I think you will understand watching the video and the hip file. Thanks in advance! lava_coolingProblem.mov Lava_test01.hipnc
  11. Hey guys, after checking many aspect of me geo, and many render setting, I'm left confuse with this shadow error. I bet it's me, once again, but if you know about this issue, you'd help me a lot. thanks in advance !
  12. I'm gettin' this weird problem. Around frame 164 the RBD sphere just stopped (near the very end). I've tried to recreate the scene and the same problem happened, I'd love to understand why. I've noticed that if I increase the AutoDop substeps the rbd stops earlier. Could it be related to cache? I've tried caching it with a file node but it didn't solve the problem. Also, does anybody knows if the ROP Output Driver works on the apprentice version? I've seen someone using it and i've just tried it with no success. I'm with the apprentice, btw. The file is attached in case anyone can have a look Thx, AlvaroBuoancy_v2_.hipnc
  13. I've been going through the tutorials listed on the SideFX website for Houdini lately, and I've had an issue with the first tutorial in Procedural Modeling where Ari is making a hose that follows a Path CV object. My issue is that no matter what I do when creating the path, my normals are not aligned along the curve as his are in the downloaded scene files. Instead, the normals of all points point perpendicular to the path. This causes issues later when trying to manipulate the path to pull the end points in/out to carve them and create tension. Instead of having the desired effect of moving the points in or out along the path, they move along the Y-axis, which is how the normals appear to be oriented. I can't find any steps that I've missed, having combed over the lecture yesterday, and cannot find any options to change how the normals are oriented. As well as this, all my attempts to correct the issue have failed, including manipulating the normals in a VOP, trying to use a Point SOP to change them, and experimenting with the Polyframe node. What am I missing? Thanks heaps for the help, this one has me stumped and I can't figure out if I just missed an important step, did something stupid, or am suffering at the hands of Houdini 14 when he used Houdini 12 for this tutorial.
  14. Hi, I encountered some issues concerning the otherwise great smoke-fluid-tools. Maybe somebody can help? FIrst off I'm using a "smoke container" and "source from volume" from the shelves. One thing is that in general I like using physically based lighting, so also using area lights with quadratic attenuation (physically correct). The problem is that the (otherwise incredibly good) viewport preview doesn't take the attenuation into account, so everything is completly blown out. Is there a way to fix this? (of course I can decrease the light intensity for preview and then set it up again for rendering, but that's lots of work.. ). The other more important issue happens when writing out the voxels: I'm using the "export file" and "background render" option in the Dop I/O in the smoke import node for this. What happens is that from some frame on the .bgos get saved but don't update anymore correctly. So the smoke just stops moving. Maybe this is a RAM issue, as it happens with quite hires sims? But it's kind of strange that the files get written without complaint, but don't get updated anymore. (At first I thought this was happening only with OpenCL enabled, but it also happened with pure CPU computing..) Well, that's it for now, thanks!
  15. Hi, I am new to Houdini so to speak and I am having intermittent problems with rendering a shot using Mantra's PBR for a personal project. If I persevere with staring the render every time it crashes it will eventually render a couple of frames and then crash again, the mantra node will then have its red lined error which when MMB clicked will give me the 'Command Exit Code - 1073741795'. This doesn't crash Houdini just the render. My scene consists of simple geometry (majority shaded with just a clay shader, but one grouped object that has a glass shader and stainless steel shader applied) with animation, a caustics environment light and a single area (sphere) light for soft shadows. I am just looking for an explanation as to why Mantra keeps crashing, and what I could possibly do to fix the issue as it is lengthening the scene render times and requires me to keep a constant eye on it. My PC specs: Processor - Intel core i7 3770k overclocked from 3.5GHz to 3.9GHz Corsair H80i Water-cooler GPU - 2 x Nvidia GTX 780 RAM – 16GB Kingston Hyperx Beast (if you want more info just ask) I have disabled the SLI on my 2 GPUs as I have read that Houdini doesn't deal well with multiple GPUs. I have also set both monitor outputs and assigned PhysX from the one GPU just to be sure. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Hello, I have one strange problem when I use houdiniEngine to Maya. At frame 87 all works but when I go to 88 I have nothing, but I see my particles on my viewport O_o. You can watch enclosed file. I have already tried with new id, sourceptnum, life etc... and I have the same problem. Best.
  17. Hi guys, New to the forum and houdini, started with some tutorials and I got stuck. 8.25 the Absolute is plug in, from what he explains, the node can convert "negative values into their positive equivalent." When I do so, I don't get the same effect. My Point Trials are still pointing downwards (negative) , not upwards (positive) Sorry this is such a basic question! test_02.hip
  18. Hello everyone, I'm trying to solve rendering problem in Mantra. I just finished my smoke simulation, I made few preview renders (in Render View) and everything was exactly as I expected. So I started to render all frames using "Render" button in Edit Render Mode -> mantra (it's the same node that I used to preview renderings). Unfortunately something is wrong and render looks like with wrong gamma or something. On the left side (viewer 1) there is picture from rendered sequence, and on the right (viewer 2) there is picture from Houdini Render View. How can I fix that? I tried to change gamma settings, output formats, rendering engine - and this is still wrong. Additional strange thing - my smoke-emitting object is imported from Maya with camera. I'm making renders using imported camera. When I wanted to change camera to the Houdini camera there was something wrong with smoke: How can I fix that? What more info should I upload? I'm 2-days experienced in Houdini so thank you for your understanding.
  19. Hello dear people Odforce, I am currently working on a procedural dungeon for an assignment and I ran into some trouble. I wanted to give the user some freedom and allow him/her to alter the state of the rooms. Let's say, delete or keep the selected room. To control this I wanted to use a Multiparm Block Folder. In there I want to select the room and choose if I want to delete the selected room it or not. (Together with some more functions) So in the image below I want to delete room 24 and 47 I figured out how to select and detete one single room, but I can not make it to work if I add more selection. When made, I group each room individually. Then I blast the room I have selected. Room_`chs("../CONTROLS/roomnumber1")` Now, this will only delete that one room and not the others I have selected. In a perfect world I would have put an asterix instead of the 1 (Room_`chs("../CONTROLS/roomnumber*")`), so all my selections will be deleted. Sadly I do no live in that perfect world and now I am stuck on this problem. Do you guys have a answer or an alternative solution to for this problem? Thanks in advance - Bram
  20. Hello everybody, i am currently in the process of trying to generate a Visual Studio project that successfully builds Houdini plugins and later on create a cmake file to regenerate it. I looked at all tutorials i could find but am now stuck on a strange issue. Problem: The compilation process inside VS simply stops during the object creation stage for SOP_Star.C at this point: ................ 1>..\..\source\SOP_Star.C(213): warning C4244: '=' : conversion from 'double' to 'float', possible loss of data 1>..\..\source\SOP_Star.C(229): warning C4244: '=' : conversion from 'fpreal' to 'float', possible loss of data ========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ========== No errors of any kind, just lots of warnings (which is more or less normal, right!?). Setup: OS: Win7x64 Houdini: 13.0.260 built with VC11 Test Plugin: SOP_Star.C IDE: VS2013 with platform toolset set to VC110 (VS2012 which my H13 is built against) Command Line options: I was messing with this all day. Basically i just copied and/or corrected the settings i determined by running hcustom -c SOP_Star.C and hcustom -m SOP_Star.C into the Command Line options of Visual Studio. hcustom -e SOP_Star.C successfully builds the project. It also shows that it runs hcompile which then start the VS compiler with an additional cmd line option called -DUT_DSO_TAGINFO that hcustom -c doesnt show!? CL command line options: All options (grey field in Visual Studio/Properties/C/C++/CommandLine): /GS /GL /W3 /Gy /Zc:wchar_t /Zi /Gm- /O2 /sdl /Fd"x64\Release\vc110.pdb" /fp:precise /D "WIN32" /D "NDEBUG" /D "_WINDOWS" /D "_USRDLL" /D "SOP_STAR_EXPORTS" /D "_WINDLL" /D "_UNICODE" /D "UNICODE" /errorReport:prompt /WX- /Zc:forScope /Gd /Oi /MD /Fa"x64\Release\" /EHsc /nologo /Fo"x64\Release\" /Fp"x64\Release\sop_star.pch" Additional options (white field in Visual Studio/Properties/C/C++/CommandLine)....taken from hcustom -c: -nologo -TP -Zc:forScope -DVERSION="13.0.260" -DI386 -DWIN32 -DSWAP_BITFIELDS -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0501 -DWINVER=0x0501 -DNOMINMAX -DSTRICT -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN -D_USE_MATH_DEFINES -D_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE -D_CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE -D_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS -DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB -DSESI_LITTLE_ENDIAN -DAMD64 -DSIZEOF_VOID_P=8 -DFBX_ENABLED=1 -DOPENCL_ENABLED=1 -DOPENVDB_ENABLED=1 -I . -I "D:/tools/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.260/toolkit/include" -I "C:/PROGRA~2/MICROS~3.0/VC/include" -I "C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/8.0/Include/um" -I "C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/8.0/Include/shared" -wd4355 -w14996 -O2 -DNDEBUG -MD -EHsc -GR -bigobj Anybody any ideas? Has anybody built plugins with VC11 from a Visual Studio Project successfully? Or does anybody even have a cmake file ready to generate VS2012 projects that successfully compile? Thanks in advance! Timm
  21. Hi folks. I'm rendering two object, one is animated and another one is packed object which is driven by DOP-s. I'm adding displacement at render time using "rest" position but the object is sliding through displacement. Any advice? I'll attach hip file here: rest_position.hip
  22. Hi there! I was hoping someone on here could help me out with a very annoying problem. Basically Ive got an ocean set up using the ocean evaluate and spectrum nodes. Ive got my lighting set up and all my render settings(PBR) Problem is when I start rendering, the render fails occasionaly on random frames. Lets say maybe 30% of the frames fail. It will render 20-90% of the image and then shutdown the render. Im using our renderfarm, but have of course tried rendering locally also, to see if that fixes the problem, but no cigar. I thought it must be a memory problem(roughly 4 million vertices) so I tried using delayed load, but that didnt help either. Ive run out of ideas and really need this to render. Has anyone had the same problem or got any ideas how to solve this? Help would be very much appreciated. Ill upload the scene if anyone wants to have a look at it. PS... frame 7 is an example of a frame that wont finish rendering on my computer, so if anyone tests my scene, thats a good frame to go with Thanks Erik ocean_evaluate_sc100_sh010_test.hip
  23. Hi, Try to use voronoi fracture in Houdini 12.5 but my scatter doesn't pick up my red color while im using Cd at bias 1 anyone?
  24. i cannot figure out how to control this deformation. i imagine it is a simple bias setting, but i've had no luck. the mesh in the bicep is not following the motion fully. hip attached. any suggestions would be appreciated. hip_and_geo.zip
  25. Hi all! I've little bit question about fracture exporting. I simpely shattered a glass, but finally I export to Maya the shading it's not correct, Like Images... so Any one tell what can i do? I don't know what happen to my scene?