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Found 42 results

  1. Re-timing Caches

    Hey, I have a question about re-timing a cache. I don't need interpolation to slow it down, but rather I want the cache to play at normal speed, then gradually speed up. then go back to normal speed. I looked at time warp, but it only seems to remap the whole input and output rather than letting you gradually speed up or gradually slow down. How do I do this? Thanks
  2. workflow for flip fluid sim/mesh/render

    Hey! I'm wondering what could be the best workflow for working with flip fluid, from sim to render. I mean, I have the usual setup for flip fluid with autoDopNetwork, particle_fluid and particle_interior. In my very simple workflow I made 2 steps: 1- I wrote to disk my flip sim using the "import_particle" Dop I/O node under the particle_fluid node. This way I have my sim cached out, then 2- I wrote to disk the "particlefluidsurface" mesh using the "surface_cache" node, still under particle_fluid node, then 3- I render What do you think? Any suggestion? I'm wondering if there's a way of doing all of these steps in one go so I can launch the process overnight and find my sim cached and my render done the morning after cheers!
  3. Hi guys! I have a question, and problem for my, the question is that I'm burning a simulation of simulation of Pyro, but Houdini crashed in the middle simulation, the problem is how I reload the simulation in the point that houdini crash? Thanks, I sorry my english no is very good:)
  4. Hi, I created a few assets in Maya PaintFX, and exported them as an alembic cache, the have animation of 100 frames. I would like to repeat those animations and loop them (or maybe even reverse loop them) or overlap the animation, as you would do in Maya. Houdini does not have animation options in alembic file, so how would you loop said animation? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Is there a way to automate flip cache process in houdini? For example after particle cache complete it will automatically start compressed cache and then surface cache. Artist no need to press save to disk each time.
  6. Hi, I have cached my simulation so it makes the simulation faster later on. However when I click save to disk in background, it does not cache all of the frames that I want, which is from frame 1 to frame 240. On the Render Scheduler, it shows that the job is 100%, but when I check inside the folder, it only cached up to frame 211. The previous time I did it, it only cached up to frame 140. Before I started caching, I made sure to check the frame range and I am pretty sure I have set it from 1 to 240. I was wondering if anyone had this problem before and how should I fix this? And when this happens, it also doesn't show that there are any errors, so if I didn't check my folder for the cache files, I wouldn't have noticed that it didn't finish caching all the frames. Thank you Eunice
  7. Hey! SOP Solver Cooked in Immediate mode, cached results incorrect--- That is the error I received. I was trying to use particles as a source for pyro and it gave me this error. What exactly does it mean? What is cooked in intermediate mode? Thanks
  8. resume caching

    Hi, Another question about caching : ). I go to my dop network, then output, then save to disk my pyro simulation cache. My pc crashes at frame 55. So I start houdini and load frame 54. I start caching again from frame 54, but the simulation has to start from frame 1 - 54 before it can cache frame 55 and the rest. Why is this? Thanks
  9. Hey Guys, I am pretty new to Houdini so excuse the noob question. I did a pyro sim and saved it for 120 frames as .sim cache. Client asked for extra frames so i came back and simulated extra 100 frames. When I render I get the proper render for the original 120 frames but for the remaining 100 frames I have a frozen frame at F120. In my cache files I can see the size changing so it seems like the sim went all the way, but in the view port I cant see it (It is frozen after frame 120) and in the render it only renders upto 120 and then frozen frames. I tried re simulating the whole sim for the entire 220 frames but it sill gives frozen frames at 120. SO I am a bit confused as to what should be my next steps to trouble shoot this issue. Cheers!
  10. Hi everyone! I'm having a problem with one of my simulations, it already happened in the past but this time i cannot see a solution. Basically, during the process of caching the simulation, the main hard disk (a small ssd with windows) get filled after a couple of frames by temp files. I already setted a custom environment variable for the temp folder but houdini only put little temp files there and not the big ones generated by a simulation. I'm forced to increase the division value of my flip fluid, or there is a way to store the temp files in another folder instead of "C"? I forgot to say that i'm saving the simulation with the "compressed cache" node and not the "import flattank" node.Thanks in advance for any kind of help. Attached the image of my shell and the dop which i use to save a sim files every 100 frames in case of crash.
  11. I have a distruction scene where i have cached the sim but i am between of adding texture on the geomtry but i am not sure how to add texture after caching the sim?
  12. Hello everyone, I used to cache multiple alembic using the technique described here : http://nicholaspfeiffer.com/blog/2016/1/16/houdini-tip-of-the-day-render-multiple-alembic-rops-at-one-time (Long story short : rop network > multiple fetch > a merge > click render > caches every fetch. That's cool !). I thought that it would work the same way if I use this technique to render multiple Dop I/O node. For the first time I want to use the take system to cache multiple sim over the night (changing resolution and parameters). So in an obj node I dropped 2 Dop I/O, set their "Render With Take" parameter on each one, then dropped a Rop Network, two "Fetch" nodes and set their path to the dop I/O "render", dropped a merge, and hit "render". The result expected would be to have the different takes cached but instead I had the Main take cached, two times... What do I do wrong ? Thanks for the help, if a scene is needed I will do a simple version of it Have a great day/night !
  13. Hi Trying to get some clarity on the various caching mechanisms since its such an important part of Houdini's workflow. There is the automatic caching that happens anytime you playback a sim in the Scene view as indicated by the blue progress bar and is limited by RAM unless cache to disk is enabled. And then there are all the cache nodes where you can manually save files to disk. In any application I've used, caching is something that is optionally done to help improve performance and or speed up production workflow. The key word here is optionally. In Houdini, is this case? ie to complete any simulation is it optional or mandatory to save cache files at the various cache nodes? 2nd question> When would you normally cache your files, anytime there is a change upstream from a cache node and your network is taking a long time to cook? 3rd question> In the case of a FLIP simulation there are at least 2 places you can cache your files in the fluidtank_fluid node, the compressed_cache node and the surface_cache node.My understanding is the former is for caching the particle data and the latter for surface meshing. Would you normally always do both, ie after caching out new particle data, immediately cache out new surface mesh files? And lastly, on all cache nodes there is a 'Reload Geometry' button and a 'Load from Disk' checkbox. Don't these duplicate functionality? ie if 'Load from Disk' is checked, doesn't this mean that cached files are loaded automatically and you don't have to click 'Reload Geometry'? Thanks for help with any of the above?
  14. Hey, When you are creating a flipbook and the output is set to ip, the documentation says it is then sent to Mplay. What exactly is happening? I can't find this information in the documentation. Is the flipbook stored in RAM then loaded into Mplay? Or is the flipbook cached to a default temp directory on the hard drive then loaded to Mplay? How can I change the directory where it is being saved? I am new to Houdini [was Maya] so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  15. Sub Steps Cache

    Hey guys, I'm using a File Cache sop to cache a FEM mesh but I can't figure out how to write it's substeps. I'll use this later to collide with a flip simulation and since the FEM is moving pretty fast I need it's substeps to collide properly with the liquid. $FF doesn't work. I guess it saves integer only... not sure though. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thank's Alvaro
  16. Hey all, I've cached out a cloth sim that's was attached to a static object but when I read it back in with a file node the geometry jumps around in some frames. In the sim in the DOP net it's fine but in the cache it jumps around. Anyone know what's happening?
  17. FLIP Cache - Best Workflow

    Hey guys, I assume that the best workflow could be: 1st - Write the particles simulation to disk 2nd - Read the simulation files to generate the mesh (+ cache the geo file) Now, what is the best way to save the particles simulation? Should I do it inside the "particle_fluid" node using a "ROP Output Driver" or a "Flie" node? Should it be connected to the "import_particle" node? Something like this: and how should I read those particle files back? Please let me know if there's a better workflow on it. Thank you, Alvaro
  18. Hi guys I'm working on a big scene and I have about 7 geometry ROP that I want to cache in a specific order. I know if I connect them together Houdini caches all in each frame and it will crash because of low memory. So what is the solution on this case? I want to cache a node and finish it then H automatically goes to another node. Thank you
  19. Hello VFX wizards! I am trying to render out a sim with an RBD alembic animation from maya inside my houdini smoke sim. I can render the scene just fine but my question is with object contributions. in lights you can add contributions that basically layer the exr file with direct lighting, indirect lighting, C, ect, for each light. Can you do this with objects as well? Because in my shot the object swirls around the smoke and has the smoke visible in front of and behind it. I want to be able to essentially render out the RBD object that is spinning as a silhouette on its own layer that comp can add the actual textured object into nuke but still have it in the center of my sim. Is this possible in houdini? *see attached for the LQ take of the shot* smokeRender.v3_LQ.mov
  20. Hello All! So I am importing an alembic file from Maya with animation into Houdini. I want to have this object interact with my pyro smoke sim as a RBD but when i set up the cache to be the RBD object it disappears from the viewport and the sim remains unchanged. Does anyone know of a fix for this?
  21. Hi Guys, I am literally running out of space and I would like to ask you a question: During one of the workshop I followed, the tutor suggested to use the extension "bgeo.sc". I previously used "bgeo.gz". Does anybody know which one is the best and why? Cheers! Andrea
  22. Hey guys, I have a very basic question in Houdini since I'm new to it. How can I reuse a cache for a multiple objects? Thanks!
  23. Animated Fractured Geometry

    Hello everyone, I have got a model in a T-pose and a point cache for the animation. I have setup that in houdini using a point VOP but I have no idea how to fracture the character and for the pieces to follow the animation. Here is an example of what I want to do: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I managed to do it with a clothcapture + clothdeform but its really slow, is there any other way to do that?
  24. Hi all, new Indie user here, so be gentle! im trying to do a grain sim, and i have a complex animated collision object. i decided to cache out the collision volume to speed up sim times, as it spend a large proportion of the time "calculating SDF" i followed instructions i found online, and in the static object DOP i set the file mode to "write" and specified the filename as "collision.$f04.simdata" i then set the grain radius very high for a fast result, and ran through the sim. it saved out a series of .simdata files (22 meg each approx.) i then set the file mode to "read" so far so good. however, when i sim again, it -still- spends a similar amount of time "calculating SDF" and doesnt seem any faster.. what did i miss? many thanks for any advice, Robin.
  25. crowd render error

    Hi I have a problem when I am trying to render my cached crowd simulation. If I render the dopimport everything renders fine and I get a bunch of soldiers running around. Though as soon as I write my crowd sim to disk as bgeo or bgeo.gz (either using the ROP or the file node) and read them back in something strange happens. In the viewport everything still seems fine but as you can see in the image it does something strange during the render. If I cache my packed crowd sim to alembic it renders fine but it gets really slow and the file is huge compared to a bgeo sequence. So I would rather fix this problem of rendering the bgeo sequence. If I create any other packed object, it renders fine. It just seems to occur when I try to render a crowd simulation that is cached to disk. I am using H14.0.335 Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it? Thanks in advance!