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Found 13 results

  1. Sup guys, anybody knows how to read houdini color attributes in octane for c4d? I tried exporting as alembic, that gave me a vertex color tag wich I plug into a vertex map on a material, but isn't working, the native c4d render seems to load it, any tips on this? Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone, A couple of renders done using Houdini and Octane. Rendered using a single GTX 1080. The render time is relatively high but I love the look. The nebula render has very little post production. The cloud render was tweaked a little in photoshop using Color Efex pro. These are part of a new training series on volumetric rendering. Nebula - Render time - 1 hr 50 min at 4K resolution Clouds - Render time 45 min for Full HD
  3. Hello everyone, This training is a series of small projects that will cover the process of creating a variety of volumetric effects in Houdini and rendering them using Octane. This training is primarily focused on modeling and rendering custom volume effects. Over the course of this training I'll cover a variety of effects which include building and rendering clouds, making a pyro shader and using the blackbody emission to control the pyro shader. We'll also build custom volume effects such as a gas flame and a nebula. Finally we'll take a look at building controllable volume lights and volume fog. NOTE: Additional lessons for Redshift and Mantra will be added to this training towards the end of October. (They will be available separately for download depending upon your renderer of choice. These parts will be charged separately.) For further details click on the link given below http://www.rohandalvi.net/volumetrics
  4. Hi My understanding is that Indie v 15.5.528 supports Octane but NOT Redshift. Is this correct? If so, anyone have an ETA for Redshift support?
  5. As much as I am sold on the improved performance of Octane and Redshift (assuming you have a decent gpu) I am highly doubtful they can match the 'high realism' of renders like this one by Maxwell http://www.tonifresnedo.com/maxwell-render/rendl-rossy-lamp/#/gallery_2663/2 Any experienced Redshift or Octane users care to chime in?
  6. I would post in the Otoy forum but I feel this question is more Houdini-centric. So i've setup my Octane plugin properly AFAIK and I can see the Octane shelf. There are at least 3 ways to preview 1> Click on IPR 2>Render>Preview in MPlay>Octane_ROP 3>Render>Preview in MPlay>render_PBR At the moment the IPR option only gives me a black window, nothing is rendered. Does this mean I have something configured incorrectly? And I'm confused by the MPlay preview options. How are they different from IPR?
  7. Hello everyone, This is the first in a series of videos on how to use Octane in Houdini. regards Rohan Dalvi
  8. This might be a stupid question but I'm wondering what - if any - renderers use previous frame data for precalculation of the current frame? And as I suspect the first question is going to be "Why would you want that?" and it's in regard to estimating sequence render times - something you can't really do based on the first N frames, unless you have a quite unchanging scene.
  9. Octane render has been updated and now supports volumes. I know this is possible, but how would I export an animated .vdb file of a smoke or fire simulation from houdini so that it can be used with octane? I'm using c4d octane, so .vdb's make the most sense to use. I've tried exporting a basic shelf tool simulation of an explosion, but it saved each frame as a separate .vdb file (I used the $F command in the file save parameter in houdini), and it looks nothing in octane like it did in houdini on whatever specific frame I imported. Would really appreciate any advice. -jas
  10. Hey colleagues, Anyone looking for a OTOY Octane render licence ? Selling my beloved standalone licence v.2.x, since im not working in the field anymore. The price of this baby is 200 €! Send me a P message if interested! Cheers
  11. Hey ! I have a "big" problem . I need to render in huge resolution out of octane for houdini but the vram is not big enough to handle the image in one go. So I somehow have to tile the camera and stitch it together later. There is something for problems like this in cinema 4d called tiled camera . Where it builds multiple cameras with an "film" offset to render the image in parts . Is there anything like this in houdini ? thank you so much !!
  12. Hi, OctaneRender for Houdini 2.2 beta is now available for all Houdini users at reduced price. The plugin will be updated on regular basis until reach the first stable production release. http://home.otoy.com/render/octane-render/purchase/ The plugin supports all the Octane 2.2 features inside Houdini, and a lot of the Houdini tools, like instancing, fur, tessellated primitives, any kind of polygonal surfaces from simulations, like fluids, etc. And this is only the beginning, more features are planned for the next 2.x beta releases. The plugin is currently available for Houdini and Houdini FX 14.0 for Windows x64 and Linux gcc4.8. OctaneRender for Houdini currently doesn’t work in Houdini Apprentice and Houdini Indie because they do not support third party renderers. We can provide the plugin for Houdini 13.0 by request if there is a studio working with this version. This is the plugin online documentation: http://render.otoy.com/manuals/Houdini/ And a brief tutorial with the first steps with the plugin: http://render.otoy.com/manuals/Houdini/?page_id=696 The registered users have access to the plugin support forum to post all the bugs, the feature request and the amazing images and animations made with OctaneRender: http://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=101 Thanks to all the closed beta testers and to SideFX for their support in this project !!! -Juanjo
  13. Hi, I am just starting this thread to post here all the news and features about the upcoming OctaneRender for Houdini plugin. I have also started a Facebook page about the plugin. Feel free to follow all the Octane for Houdini plugin news through it if you are a Facebook user: https://www.facebook.com/pages/OctaneRender-for-Houdini/592646160865484 The Houdini plugin development is moving in the right direction. All the Octane nodal system is now working seamless inside Houdini and there are no problems so far. Attached you have two screen grabs to see the plugin in action. The plugin has a custom SHOP node to store both the Octane render target (the octane rendering preferences) and the Octane shading nodes, integrated as VOP nodes with custom input/output pins. Also the Houdini camera is now fully supported by the plugin. All the plugin is built around a custom ROP node, and developed using only the HDK with 100% C++ code to make the plugin as fast as possible. It is amazing see Octane rendering inside Houdini, with it's lightning GPU unbiased rendering speed and quality ... you are going to love it See you soon with more news about the plugin development -Juanjo