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Found 33 results

  1. Hi guys! I recently work on this test of Pyro dust . i will try to do more soon. I used Arnold to render and pyroclastic method for the sim with scattered points for divergence. Render time about 15 hours on my machine... Can i have our feedback and advices. Cheers https://vimeo.com/206276685
  2. Hello Everyone, This is a fairly long introduction to Arnold in Houdini.
  3. Hey, I need to render with objectsID AOV, with Arnold, and I'm failing miserably :/ In the AOVs liste, there's an ID aov, but can't make it work. So I looked into Cryptomatte since I'm using ALshaders. I can't find info about how to use it, just a tutorial for maya on anderslanglands.com, where it seems simple (just enable crypto_object and crypto_material). But there's no such things in Houdini :/ All I can see about cryptomatte is in the shader nodes, there's an AOV tab with confusing things... Can you help ?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to render with objectID aov in Arnold. I haven't used AOVs yet, so I'm a bit confused and the arnold doc is very meeeh about that. Do I have to make shaders for the aovs ? How do I set an ID to an object, or a group ? I'm still trying out ... but any info would be great.
  5. Hope someone came across this: trying to use a deep exr generated in another package to hold out volumetrics rendered in Arnold. Lacking a global option I was hoping to be able to read it into my shader (possibly through a similar shadow() call of the old Prman/Mantra trick or comparing Rl with deep samples) but so far no luck on even reading a deep exr. Anyone came across this before? Thanks, Andras
  6. Trying out Arnold for the first time in Houdini and can't seem to find a way to render in the background.? The only button on the Arnold node is "Render to disk". I've searched the Arnold docs, and this forum and can't find anything relating to this. Anyone know how to get the same functionality as in the mantra render node that has the "Render to disk in Background" button.? I'm sure it's something simple, but can't find a button anywhere on the Arnold node to allow this. Thanks for any info E.
  7. Similar to the H14 workflow of hitting X on the currently selected node in any vop context to create a visualizer node, I want to do the same but connect the currently selected node to the compute lighting Ce output (or a bind export node set ot Ce but that can throw errors) to quickly visualize the color data of the map I am working on without having to do expensive shader calculations. The visualize node is great when working with Cd in SOPS but does not return the same functionality in shaders This is a default hotkey in arnold for C4D, its like alt+w+v or something. I'm sure there is a way to do this with a python script attached to a hotkey. Any ideas?
  8. Hi guys, I'm testing Arnold for Houdini and I noticed that mesh light doesn't work in any condition. So do you think there is a way to recreate a mesh light with Arnold light shader? Thank you
  9. Hello Houdini's and Arny's Sorry my company uses windows . Could you please help me, I try to set up the port for HtoA to look for a solidangle_LICENCE and what ever I do inside Houdini my environment variables are ignored or overwritten. (Please see the image attached) I would be very grateful if someone here could point me into the right direction of setting this variable for good. Thank You very much in advance, Burns htoa_license_diagnostics.txt
  10. Hi all, new to this forum, I'm posting something I tried to get help in other forums with no much luck. Maybe here someone has some info about it. Thanks in advance.I'm starting to use Houdini migrating from Maya. Along with a ton of questions and things to learn, I'm looking for help on how to pass the skin UVs into a fur system, using the Arnold Hair shader. There is a UV tab with U Parameter and V Parameter to call, but I couldn't figure out what to get there. I've seen a few tutorials doing so in Mantra which look straight forward, but not in Arnold for me.Thanks
  11. Hello, I have posted blog post explaining some concepts of volume displacement and how to do it with Arnold (in Houdini but possibly in other packages supporting Arnold as well). link Hope somebody will find it useful. Juraj
  12. Hi everyone, I seeking workflow tips to render characters separately from the environment but still have all the interactions such as reflections, shadows and so forth in both layers. Any tips and ideas would be much appreciated as I'm working on a project which would benefit greatly from this technique in comp. Thanks in advance.
  13. Has anyone successfully installed Houdini indie 15.5 and then configured Arnold HtoA 1.11.2.
  14. This might be a stupid question but I'm wondering what - if any - renderers use previous frame data for precalculation of the current frame? And as I suspect the first question is going to be "Why would you want that?" and it's in regard to estimating sequence render times - something you can't really do based on the first N frames, unless you have a quite unchanging scene.
  15. Hi guys, i am struggling with stupid problem, i want to convert my bgeo files to VDB to later render them with arnold. But on convertvdb node i have that density channel is <empty>. I don't know what is wrong with my scene, for test i created same setup flames from the shelf, didn't change anything and it's working. Do you guys have any suggestion? Thanks firenosmoke_v003.hip
  16. NEW TUTORIAL: Alembic Vector Motion Blur Tutorial- A Houdini, Maya, Arnold and Fusion or Nuke Workflow Thanks for watching and Sharing! If you have any suggestion, please come them in! Thanks
  17. Hello! I have a question for what I thought would be fairly simple to figure out. I'm trying to use an attribute from a per point object level to influence the emission strength of my Arnold material. I'd usually just use a bind node, but that option isn't available in Arnold. Anyone know the HtoA equivalent? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  18. Hello everyone, I have recently wrote an inhouse python plug-in in c++ for houdini. H2A is a custom plug-in to export houdini geometry in arnold ass file format to be able to load in mtoa, htoa or c4dtoa. This plug-in exports almost every geometry type to arnold i.e. points, polygons and curves. You can compile or grab the compiled plug-in from: https://github.com/sergeneren/anima/tree/master/anima/render/arnold/H2A P.s. please excuse my sloppy c style
  19. We are bringing our D&AD Black Pencil and Cannes Gold Lion awarded design and motion studio Stateside in Summer 2016 and are looking for world-class talent to join our core LA team. You will be one of the elite founding members: ready to jump into high-concept projects for forward-thinking brands immediately. Our formula in London the past nine years has been simple and successful: produce exciting, high-end creative and effective work, executed by best-in-class 3D and VFX technical artists. And, crucially, to have fun doing it. We are all creative contributors, whether we work on the more conceptual or technical end of the spectrum. We thrive on a melting pot mentality, where artists can take pride and ownership in producing shots from start to finish using their broad range of skill sets, while still contributing their knowledge and expertise on a collective scale for the greater good of the studio. We are looking for middleweight and senior talent: Designers, Directors and VFX/3D artists with a strong design sensibility. We are not proscriptive about the path that you’ve taken to get here. Whether you’ve arrived at 3D and motion design via the fine arts, engineering or natural sciences, we appreciate unusual perspectives. Some processes and programs that we like to use: Our main pipeline tool is Cinema4D. We render in Arnold or VRay4C4D. Houdini is our big gun for the more complex stuff. From time to time we like to use Maya as well. Compositing happens either in AfterEffects or Nuke. Available Roles: Senior Designer/Creative Lead 3D/VFX Artist Motion Designer Applications may be sent to LA@mvsm.com. All applicants must be legally able to work in the United States. The ManvsMachine team in LA will enjoy the same generous vacation allowance as their London counterparts. Just like them, you should have a great sense of humor, a belief that mass communication should never preclude good design, and a devastating ping pong serve.
  20. Hi all, We have a couple of Lighting and Texture positions, starting asap (late Feb / early March 2016), which run for around 8-10 weeks at Rising Sun Pictures' Adelaide office. We'd love to talk more about the killer feature film sequences we have ahead of us, but NDA's prohibit it being mentioned further on od|force. Rest assured that they are all in line with our previous effects work. Essentially these positions suit applicants available now or those about to enter a show hiatus. Visa's can be arranged for most countries. It breaks down as follows: Australian & New Zealand applicants. you can jump the visa queue and start now! Application details below. 417 Work & Holiday Visa. For those aged between 18 & 31 from Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland (Republic of) Italy, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan & UK. (24-48 hours for visa approval). 462 Work & Holiday Visa. For those aged between 18 & 31 from USA. (24-48 hours for visa approval). 457 Visa applicants. If you're not from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, NZ or South Africa, or fit any of the above work / holiday visa's, you'd likely qualify for the 457 Visa. This one needs to have an IELTS (English test) in place with an overall score of 5.5 or more. Yes, we know you speak perfect English, but it's just a condition to be met on the 457. Painful, we know. Visa applications on the 457 can be lengthy, but things are running pretty smoothly at the moment and should not be a barrier to your application. (4-21 days for visa approval, pending your paperwork, IELTS, Education, qualifications etc. is ready to roll). What we cover RSP covers the cost of the return airfare, initial accomm and round trip flights from your city. Application Lighting: To find out more about this and other positions visit: https://rsp.com.au/lighting-tds/ Texture: https://rsp.com.au/texture-artists/ You'll find an Apply Now button on each of the above pages. If time is against you, just shoot your resume and a link to your reel, via employment@rsp.com.au. Be sure to confirm your availability and country of citizenship so we can assess your visa viability. RSP? Adelaide born and bred with an international reputation for great work. We try to ensure our people lead a healthy work / life balance. It's always tough during crunch time to find that balance, but we'll keep striving for this outcome. All RSP departments are located in one building. If you need to speak to a modeller regarding an asset you intend on destroying, you can get up and chat to them a few rows away. It's a collaborative and ego free environment. Adelaide? It's a gorgeous time to visit Australia, this job will help get you hooked. RSP is located in the heart of the Adelaide. Outstanding, VFX can be completed in any city with a decent connection, so why not pick one of the most livable. Many of our crew walk to work or ride bikes. It's easy to get around town from our office. It's Fringe Festival time, so the city is alive with what we refer to as "culcha". That's cultural activities for those in the northern hemisphere. Amazing food, performances, music and dance. Footy season kicks off in a month at the redeveloped Adelaide Oval. Good work, good place. Apply Now! Marcus Wells Recruitment Rising Sun Pictures www.rsp.com.au
  21. Hello, I think I've just blown my head trying to figure out a solution for this but I hope you can help me I made a simulation of water and whitewater in Houdini and then used alembic to send the mesh to Maya for rendering. The whitewater particles were sent via the Realflow connectivity plugin in .bin format. Maya had no problem opening both the water mesh and the whitewater particles, but my problem is that Maya can't compute any motion blur, I think this is because the files I exported do not have any motion vector information in them. Is there any way I can export this information and use it in Maya? To export the water mesh, I created the simulation and then I exported it to .bgeo sequence from the import node, then I re imported the .bgeo sequence in a new geometry file and created the mesh using the "particle fluid surface node" and from there I connected a ROP alembic output node. To export the white water I got into the whitewater source node and in that level I created the RF Particle Export node and in it's properties I referenced whitewatersource.cache in the SOP Path Also, I saw a video where v-ray proxy import is used to generate motion blur with some realflow mesh with the same problem, I don't know if I can do the same in Arnold, which is what I'm using for rendering. I'm quite new to the software but I'm loving it, if you can help me I'll appreciate it. Thanks.
  22. Hello everyone, I have imported an animated file (a tree in this case) to houdini using an alembic file and I was wondering how to isolate primitive for shading each part separetely (trunk, leaves and so on)? Each parts are already .on different group stored in the alembic file, I am also a max/vray user and you have the possibility to turn the visibility on and off for each primitive group of the alembic so I am guessing there must be a way to do exactly that in houdini? I have looked on the forum and cannot seem to find proper information about this. If someone can help me with that or share any informations it would be great!
  23. Hi, Does anybody knows how to make an Arnold Shader like the mantra ocean's one? I'm newbie in Houdini, but have Arnold experience. Best,
  24. Hi everyone! I am happy to show you the teaser of my end-of-course short movie "Le chateau de sable", all FX are created on Houdini and we had used HoudiniEngine for Maya with Arnold Render. I would like to thanks all the people from this forum who helped me. Teaser : https://vimeo.com/131411053Facebook page to see all news : https://www.facebook.com/LeChateauDeSableESMA If you would like share or like this student project, you feel free. Enjoy!
  25. Hi guys, Houdini noob here. SolidAngle released the HtoA 1.2.2. which fixes all the Python drama for Windows 8.1. Arnold works in H14 now but I'm running into a serious problem. I do simple animations and all my modelling in Modo and I transfer it to Houdini using Alembic. This works well when your on Mantra but apparently for Arnold there are some special requirements I cannot seem to figure out. It just doesn't render... When I load an abc scene normally in Houdini everything works as expected. So I make my Arnold lights, shader and ROP and... black screen in my ipr render. okay; I drop in a houdini sphere and it renders fine. Am I missing something? I tried loading via the Arnold Alembic procedural but that doesn't seem to do anything either! I'm sitting on 5 Arnold licenses here and would really like to use them . thanks for any thoughts on this! J. EDIT: FBX works without issues... strange