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Found 21 results

  1. Sup guys, anybody knows how to read houdini color attributes in octane for c4d? I tried exporting as alembic, that gave me a vertex color tag wich I plug into a vertex map on a material, but isn't working, the native c4d render seems to load it, any tips on this? Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, Im working with a particle simulation and I cant seem to figure out how to get the colors generated in the particle sim to apply to the shader being applied to the instanced geometry. Any help would be awesome. OT111_0010_glitter_v001.hip
  3. hi every one, whenever i pick a color from the final render i got this weird result , some times it's slightly bigger and other it's lower , i'm using default value in houdini didn't change any things in render or linear workflow any idea ?
  4. Sup guys, I've painted some stuff on an object and now I need to export this object to another software. I've projected UVs properly on it and now I'd like to export this data as a bitmap. I've found some info on sidefx forum saying this (on quote) but i'm quite new to shops and have no idea on what's going on there. Can anyone help me out with this, pls? My main doubts are: Should I do this in Shops? What is the Cf output? Use mantra -u option? wut? Thank you, /Alvaro
  5. Hey Guys , i have a scattered points on a surface , and this points have noise as their color , i want to make a volume from those points , and also multiply volume density with points color , but cant find any way to transfer attribute from points to volumes . is there any solution to make this happen ? thanks
  6. I was looking into sdf and i found this file from Chris. I slightly modified it to get points colored by a ramp using sdf Does anyone know a better way to do that, in a normalized kind of way? I would like not to have to use the fit range to adjust the color ramp. Later i want to use this method to create custom velocity field on a pyro sim to contain the smoke within the velocity field. Thank you Fred sdf to point color.hip
  7. Hi guys, Currently, I am working on a project where I need a way to get a fractured geometry cloth simulation to activate each fracture piece according to the color attribute. The plan is that a curve, representing the path of another object's motion, will pass through the fractured object causing it to begin floating away and disintegrating from the point of impact/contact. I am still learning Houdini and have only been working in it consistently for about 6 months or so, but I have the effect mostly working with the disintegration and cloth simulation and such. What I can not seem to figure out is how to activate the pieces as the color envelopes the object. I have found other forums posts that have given some good routes (That's where I got the color transfer route to where it is currently at) but they are for fractured RBD objects and I have not been able to get those to work for a cloth object in DOPs. I have the color working in SOPs but just need help getting that into DOPs and controlling the activation of each piece. I have created an example file and attached it below. Thank you in advance for any help/advice you guys can provide. Thanks, Dustin P.S. As a bonus problem solve: one piece seems to get stuck on nothing, as if it is constrained to an invisible point in space, but it has no constraints. I am not sure why yet. I'm going to keep looking into the issue, but if anyone knows why please let me know. Thanks. ClothFracture_Test.hiplc
  8. Hi Guys, I have been trying to get my point's cd from a mesh with texture. I seen alot of method around that are using attribute promotes from vertex UV to points UV. However the UV I promoted are slightly off. I wonder if there's any way that I can use a vop to get closest surface texture's color info and project them to my point cd? Very much thanks and appreciate any help from you guys. I have attrached my file. texPoinntTex002.hip and the obj file (testAlembicCon.hip), just have to change the extension to.obj will do. texPointTex002.hip testAlembicCon.hip
  9. Hey everyone, I originally started this thread on the sidefx forums here, but I'm still stuck on how to proceed with this effect. My initial goal is to get particles flocking by color. Once I have that figured out, I need the particles to also flock around a goal geometry so they can take its shape. In the end I'd like to have blobs of colored particles oozing/crawling around the geometry's surface. I've done some research on flocking concepts, so I know that I need to create alignment, repulsion, and attraction forces to manipulate the particles, I'm just stumped on how to execute the concepts in Houdini. I have the cmivfx tutorial on flocking, but it looks like some of the SOPs have changed with the years... preventing me from finishing the tutorial In my previous thread I was introduced to the pop steer nodes, but they're lacking sufficient documentation/example scenes so I'm having trouble getting started with them. I think using those nodes with VEX would be the best way to do this, but I'm open to anything to get me started! Thanks! Mike color_and_shape_flocking.hiplc
  10. A few weeks ago i started working on a shelf tool for my self, to learn PyQt and make my own live a bit easier. It allows uses to create a list of node names and assign colours to each name. When applied all nodes in the project matching to any of the given names is given a colour linked to that name. This can be used for example if you want to give all Null nodes the same colour without havin to look for every node in your project. I'ts almost finished and would like some feedback on possible improvements. attached is a file with the code. Simply create a new shelf tool and add the code in script tab. node coloring tool.txt
  11. Greetings-- I am an Apophysis IFS flame fractal artist and I'm trying to figure out how to do flame fractals (known to you as "wisps") in Houdini. In researching the possibilities, I came across Yujie Shu's Master's thesis "3D Fractal Flame Wisps" written at Clemson under Dr. Tessendorf. http://tigerprints.clemson.edu/all_theses/1704/ She and the thesis have been quite enlightening and I am grateful. I've snagged a copy of Magnus Wrenninge's book PRODUCTION VOLUME RENDERING: DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION and am trying to learn the concepts as I work through the book. While installing the libraries that Mr. Wrenninge notes at the beginning (frustrating process; learned a lot; would rather be making fractals than debugging), I noticed I'd been installing libraries that are already in Houdini. How can I use what's already in Houdini and the HDK to follow along through Mr. Wrenninge's book? Has anyone written instructions on how to do this? Also, as Yujie Shu has mentioned in her thesis, the coloration method in Apophysis is different from anything I've seen in Houdini yet (although admittedly I haven't seen much to date). The gradient coloration in Apophysis is a freaky-awesome system that uses chaos weights to adjust a sequence of 256 colors in a Fractint color map. If used adeptly, it can yield some spectacular results. Not least of which is that it creates results discernible to tetrachromats--those people who can see finer gradations of color than the rest of us can. (I think a few people so gifted have visited a couple of my art displays.) Has anybody tried to/succeeded in making a tool that would work in Houdini to use that system--Fractint color maps chaos-weighted Apophysis-style--in Houdini wisps? Thanks. PS: Let me know if this question needs a better forum to hide in.
  12. #‎urgent‬ Hello everybody, This is regarding a project I am working on currently. I want to apply material shader with displacement on red portion while the grey areas will have a constant shader. Trick is red portion is animated and moving from point 1 to 2. How to use this red color value to drive my shader from point 1 to 2. Any help is appreciated. Its kind of urgent and I am stuck badly here. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi guys. I found pretty good topic explaining how to transfer color to volume from particles http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19328-get-pyro-color-from-particles But I cant rebuild this for using with cloud rig. Is there any way to transfer color from points to clouds? Thank you. MY_COLOR_TEST.hip
  14. Hi guys i want to connect neighbours count to cd to create a tickness attribute , i can do that in ice easily but i confused to do that with neighbors in vopsop . could you help me please ? thanks
  15. Hi there, I am trying to integrate a simple box into a photograph that I found on the web. The idea was to just experiment with matching lighting and shadows. In my scene, I have created a grid for the ground, and roughly lined it up with the objects in the photopgraph. I then placed a box on top of the grid and used a distant light, and an environment light to light the scene. I applied a shadowmatte to the ground plane to catch any shadows occurring on it which has given me a nice alpha channel in which to composite shadows. My problem is that in the scene, the dog is casting shadows with a slight blue tint to it. I would like to match my box shadow color to the dog's shadow color. I understand that I can apply a color to the environment light to match the color temperature of the photograph, thus matching the shadow colors too, but obviously this won't work with the shadowmatte as it contains no color information. Obviously if I were casting shadows on a mantrasurface or similar diffuse surface I would get the proper colors of the shadows, however I would like to achieve this effect using the photographic backplate. Is there any way of achieving this with shadowmatte or AOVs, inside Houdini? Or does this need to be faked in compositing? What would be the best approach to this simple object integration? Any help would be really appreciated! W. shadow_test_04.hipnc
  16. Hey all, I hope someone can shed some light on this. I have to emit a tonne of particles, more than 20 millions, and instance geometry on them. the bottleneck come when I try to override the color of the instances with the Cd attributes of each points. I would like to ear from you that there is a better way to do this than to use a material sop because it's taking so much time to compute before rendering. Any advice is welcome! Here a sample scn pointinstanceprocedural_v002.hip Thanks in advance ! Doum
  17. Hi everyone I need some urgent help with an effect I am trying to creat. As I already stated in a different topic, I am quite new to Houdini. To my problem. I want to assign color to my smoke. So far so good. One might think as simple as using point color on billowy smoke should do (after all thats what it is supposed to do) - but turns out it is not as simple as that. So I have found a couple of forum entries regarding how to assign color to smoke. The most interesting sollution was by David Lin (Emit smoke from texture) - I noticed it also used the same way of transfering color to the AutoDop and Import Smoke DOP. However neither of my setups seem to work. I will attach my files here. There are two setups: 1.SmokeColor-Issue ...using a setup assigning 2 plain constant colors as point attributes 2.SmokeTexColor-Issue ...trying to use a texture to assigne the colors to the setup (also required files - texture, and a geometry file) In the first case the resulting smoke is simply black. Or results in false colors. In the second setup the resulting colors from the calculation to transfer the texture color result in plain false colors! I suspect my calculation is wrong. So in all there are two problems I have spent days on to find a sollution but could not fix it: 1. Smoke resolving in wrong colors 2. Texture color Transfer issue Hope someone can help me here! This issue has been driving me crazy for the last week! thanks! PS: don't concern yourself with the slightly overcomplicated setup of some things - Its a dirty workaround for the Import scale Issue derived from Maya..... unless that would cause all the problems? Smoke_Color_Issue.rar
  18. Hi, Try to use voronoi fracture in Houdini 12.5 but my scatter doesn't pick up my red color while im using Cd at bias 1 anyone?
  19. Hi I have been trying to instance lights with various colours.I was successful in implementing various instances of lights in different directions Now I have added a vector attrib and referenced the light colour from the obj level to the attribcreate sop and inside the vop sop i added an import vop and added random and plugged to color.But still I dont get coloured lights.any reason why?
  20. How to Transfer a Colored Pencil Drawing on vertexes? I can easily trasnfer the color via attribute transfer sop, but I dont know to to make the transfer permenant on vertexes. Thank you all.
  21. Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to say that am a new Houdini user! I don't know if my problem is fairly easy to solve , but anyway. Am trying to create a sort of ''automated'' dust system for a chasing Shot. (school project) I would like to transfer the point color attribute from the animated foot to a grid. After that, I would like to isolate the colored points and then emit smoke from them. I searched and I founded that VOP sop could give me great result. I think the key is in the ''Cd[0],Cd[1],Cd[2]'', but i don't know how to use them correctly. I would like to know what is the best way to achieve this type of effect and if am on the track or not. Am very open to every solution. Foot_dust.hipnc Thank you in advance! Pier-Luc V.