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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys, Been trying to wrap my head to do this cool effect by Fernando Magalhães for Future Deluxe, asked him thinking it was flip, but he told me it was heightfields, any thoughts? Here are some failed attemps I did: Any info would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hi guys. I'd like to have 2, maybe 3 colors of paint swirling in the blob. How do I go about that? Attached is the hiplj_paintblob_flipsim_test (1).hiplc file.
  3. Hi! I have been trying to find a path to achieve similar result like Fernando Magalhães has with paint/texture on meshes. Lately I have been playing with Will MacNeils Stroke-It plugin for Houdini, unfortunately it only works for XZ plane at the moment. I was told I could use Stroke-It and then create a point or UV deformer to wrap the paint strokes around the mesh. I tried following the Entagma tutorial "Knitting in 3d: Building a UV Deformer" but my skills in Houdini are still not at the level where I was able to apply it to my needs. If anyone has any tips or tricks that could make this easier I would greatly appreciate it!
  4. Hey peoples! I recently started a personal project with the main purpose to explore setups that I either couldn't do during real production, curiosity or pure fun. As a base and also source of inspiration I'm taking real acrylic artworks of a good friend of mine. The photographs of the real artworks are prepped in Photoshop to be able to extract certain textures which I then use in Houdini to create my setups with. The concrete room was built out of a couple of individual decals and assets from Quixel. The whole thing is then being rendered with Redshift, comped with Natron and finalized in Davinci Resolve. From time to time it's seriously fun to play around with setups without having somebody behind me telling me what to do creatively like in a professional environment. No pressure, just fun Here's the first couple of clips I created in this series. Hopefully it's as fun to watch for you as it was creating it for me! You can also check it out on Instagram, Behance or Vimeo. Feedback, questions or whatever appreciated! Volume 1: Volume 2: Volume 3: Cheers!
  5. Hi! I've been trying to replicate something similar to Arnold's coat IOR parameter in Mantra. Ideally I'd like to be able to control how much of a coat layer is visible depending on facing angles without affecting the underlying surface, even if this involves breaking the law of conservation of energy. Any ideas on where I could start? Thanks, Nathan
  6. hey! I'm looking into some techniques to move points along a surface where I define (paint maybe) the direction they should follow. any idea on how to do that? I was thinking on painting in some way some curve guides and then transfer the direction of the curve to the surface, and then maybe sample the closest point on surface to get the velocity I should apply to the points...but I'm not sure that would be the smarter idea...I was trying to stay away from uvs to get complete control over the sim without having to go back to uv layout... cheers!
  7. I am making a cross user copy/paste function using node.asCode(). My script works as is except that it will not retain paint node user information. Has anyone come across this issue or have an idea how to get around it? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, Im really in need of some help here. Im trying to find a way to paint a mesh using flip fluids. The idea was to have an alpha of where the fluids collide with the mesh to then use in compositing to reveal a texture. However ive been lookin everywhere an cant seem to find how to extract this information. Here is an example of its use in substance painter Thanks for your help guys,
  9. Hi fellow Houdini masters. I'm still quite new to doing fluid sims in Houdini. I am trying to create an effect of paint-like fluid flowing down a wall, colliding with a bottle and then continue flowing off the edge. I've set up a simple set up with shelf tools and controlling the emitter velocity with simple VEX. So the desired effect is to have the fluid flowing down the entire wall smoothly with a curvy edge, collide and fills up around the bottle, and then continue flowing off the edge and down. The surface has to remain thin, smooth and complete with no holes, similar to pouring paint down a wall. However, here are the problems i faced with my simulation. I've attached the flipbooks below too. 1) The fluid is too thick. I tried scaling the scene from small (<1m) to big (around 2m) and it still looks the same. The fluid gets really really thick when it reaches the bottom. I was thinking that increasing the scene scale would make the liquid thinner but seems like that doesnt do the trick. 2) After the fluid collides with the bottle, I can't seem to force the fluid to go around the bottle and fill back up. I've tried using a pop attractor but the results look unnatural. 3) For some reason, even though my wall volume collider guides look smooth, the fluid doesnt flow down the wall smoothly and seems to bounce off the surface. 4) Even stranger, when the fluid reaches halfway down, they start to float above the collider surface. This is very apparent in the side view flipbook. I thought it was some collision volume offset, but it was set to 0. And in other areas, the fluid was nicely touching the surface. Totally got me confused here! I've attached the hip file (with stickynotes annotations) and flipbooks of where I'm stuck at. Would be so grateful if I can get some tips of how I could achieve this effect. In my mind, I thought it was a relatively simple set up where I can just make a collider and emit viscous fluid down and let it simulate and flow down without changing so many settings. But damn its difficult.. =( Thanks! Wall Flow V01.zip cascadeFall_side.mp4 cascadeFall_front.mp4
  10. Hi! I try to figure how to paint capture weights in Houdini (current version 17.0.506). I seems to me that whichever option I choose (paint, smooth layer, smooth final) the weights are either 0 or 1. What is going on? How can I just simply smooth my skin weights as for example it done in Autodesk Maya? Here the screen:
  11. Hi there good folks, So I've been asked to make that famous effect of various colored paints layered upon each other, dripping to the ground. The dripping? No biggie. Getting the colors to NOT mix together? Urgh. Or rather, as the flip sim goes, particles spread under / over the other layers, resulting at the end of ends in a spotted mesh with no real foreseable tricks to get all those to look like sharp separations. Here is a good reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6TnO_Rr3G4 And another one would be : https://vimeo.com/225438054 How my work looks so far, you can really notice the spots : Aaaand joining a scene. So how could I proceed to prevent the colours from mixing together too much? I've thought of getting a particle force to repel/attract based on color, but it will just make weird things happen. I've thought of getting a texture in there, but I do'nt see how I could make it look right or apply it correctly to the mesh. I've thought of manipulating various fields, adding some kind of divergence, etc, but really I'm not sure what to do. Maybe it's just a post sim trick, too... Paint_drips.hip
  12. Hey all. I tend to read these sorts of forums a lot but never actually contribute anything, so I figured I should change that. Here's a somewhat lengthy write up of an approach to peeling paint off of a wall: http://www.pixelninja.design/paint-flakes-in-houdini/ I haven't been using Houdini long (only a couple of months) so there's probably much better ways of doing this. If so, let me know! Hopefully it's easy enough to follow along with. Blog/tutorial writing isn't something I generally do, so if you've got any feedback I'd love to hear it. Edit: added a hip file as per a request paintFlakes.hipnc
  13. hi guys i use paint node to get particular scatter points for my object but when i fracture it, pieces look so long i guess it is a density problem. i just want irregular pieces but more points in some areas.how can i fix it.please help me... test.hipnc
  14. I would like to have something like CaptureLayerPaint SOP but without having a actual bones or capture. Just set a number of channels and paint on a channels having them all being normalized as I do it, i.e. per point, the sum of all channels is 1.0. I've done something like this before setting an array attribute, but I can't paint it in this way. (contains sound) https://streamable.com/jl6ag https://streamable.com/665k6 So instead of just using those nulls to define those areas of influence for deformation/instancing/etc... I'm looking for to directly paint them. So is there a way to pain such type of maps arbitrarily? Thanks!
  15. Hi, I'm a beginner with houdini and I'm trying to procdurally paint some geometry based on a particle scattered over the top of it. So would like the particles to represent the hit locations of the paint node. I know I'm supposed to use attribute transfer but was just a bit wondering how as attribute transfer feels in two values and the paint value also feels in values. Thanks in advance, -spacebindi (beginner)
  16. Sup guys, I've painted some stuff on an object and now I need to export this object to another software. I've projected UVs properly on it and now I'd like to export this data as a bitmap. I've found some info on sidefx forum saying this (on quote) but i'm quite new to shops and have no idea on what's going on there. Can anyone help me out with this, pls? My main doubts are: Should I do this in Shops? What is the Cf output? Use mantra -u option? wut? Thank you, /Alvaro
  17. Hey Guys, I wanted to ask you, if you guys know how to promote the paint handles from a paint sop in an HDA. Only found a "solution" where the user dives in the network to use the paint node. Just want to use the paint node to color a geo in order to scatter points there. If you have a solution, I would be very thankful. Cheers, Luke
  18. After a long delay, I present to you the final product! https://vimeo.com/145827468 Enjoy
  19. Hi all,I just have a little question about painting cloth stiffness. I was doing some test at home and I tried to paint in the attribute for cloth stiffness based on a few example from previous threads : http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=18437 https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=108649&highlight= I tried to replicate the method on my own but came to no success. Is there a new method of painting attributes to cloth in H13 or I am just doing it wrongly. This is my hip file which I did some testing with : paintstiffness_test.hipnc Appreciate all your help guys!! - Darren
  20. Hi everyone, first post here. I'm starting to learn houdini and of course i need a lot of help since the documentation is quite poor...i hope you guys can give me some heads up. My problem is basically the old brickwall destruction problem. My goal is to destroy the wall having clusters of bricks, single bricks and brick shards. and of course i would like the clusters to break into smaller clusters or single brick on every subsequent impact and so on. So far i managed to create a glue network which i delete gradually using a sphere with points from volume node, and painted clusters which are not deletable, so they should behave like subsets of the main glue network (breaking accordingly to their strength). And here the odd behaviour happen...glue network bonds seems to reappear and stop the shards quite randomly. anybody has any idea? any help would be so much appreciated also, some tips on how to paint different vaues of glue strength or how to procedurally set the glue strength based on distance between pieces would be a plus. thanks so much in advance to anyone who replies this post you can find attached a flipbook showing in red the glue network bonds that reappear houdiniFlipbook.mov
  21. Hi, I have set up a pyro dynamic that is driven by a some particles that swirls on a geometry box. I would really appreciate if someone can take a look at it and tell me what I can do to improve this. Its a system that lets the particles grow on a painted surface and the idea for me is to adapt this to other geometry later. Then I need to make the smoke and fire to look as realistic as it could be. I have also noticed that the flames are a bit not sharp / blurry in a way when doing a couple of frames in the render view. Im very new to Houdini so please explain to me a way that a newie can understand, I dont have a coding background, but use a lot of time to try to understand Houdini. Thanks. Stig pyro_test_SO.hipnc
  22. Hi All! Is there a way ,using the "Paint Node", to paint for example on frame 0 the letter A , the letter B on frame 100 and C on frame 200 and some how fade in, fade out from one letter to another? Something like an animated weightmap... I dont want to use an image sequence as texture and then transfer attributes.. Something like this could be really usefull for painting attributes that change over time on let's say an animated character . I have made a chanel for the color attribute I don't but I dont have a clue on how to proceed... Can anyone helpout or just give some rough guidelines? Thanks keyframe paint.hipnc
  23. How to Transfer a Colored Pencil Drawing on vertexes? I can easily trasnfer the color via attribute transfer sop, but I dont know to to make the transfer permenant on vertexes. Thank you all.
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